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What’s in the box – 17/18 November

19/11/2010 | By

The link to the goodies in this weeks boxes – here!

Sun, glorious sun – at last!  The brown snakes are getting bolder – we found one by the front door today – so we really know the seasons have turned.

It has only just occurred to me that many of my readers may be missing out.  Every day, on Lamb’s Ears and Honey’s Facebook page I post links to interesting and/or quirky food related media articles and web sites.  If you think this might interest you just click on the link to the right of this to “Like” Lamb’s Ears and Honey and the updates will appear on your homepages to be followed up – or ignored, as you wish!

This week I happened upon a fantastic site which is a wonderful resource for Food Connectors – especially when I fail to meet your expectations or don’t quite deliver what you might need!  This is a blog called Saladpride – http://saladpride.blogspot.com/ – written by David Bez in London.  He is obviously passionate about fresh fruit and vegetables and must have a salad that would suit everyone somewhere on his site.

The second little gem I came across was an article in The Guardian newspaper in the UK about avocado’s.  Called “Consider the Avocado” (an oblique reference to M.F.K. Fisher’s book, “Consider the Oyster”), this is a potted history of avocado’s with some suggestions for use – handy when looking at the lovely specimens we have had in our boxes!

We had all better get used to eating lots of zucchini as it comes into season, but it doesn’t have to be the nasty, soggy, overcooked vegetable that many of us are used to.  I often shave it with a potato peeler and add it to salads in place of, or with, cucumber, or quickly toast some nuts – almonds, pecans, walnuts, whatever – and toss them with finely julienned zucchini, carrot and some lemon or chilli flavoured extra virgin olive oil.  It also makes a great pizza topping, again shaved and sharing the space with some good fresh prosciutto, some tasty marinated feta, roasted capsicum  and finely sliced spring onions – both of which are probably in the boxes, too!  I’ve got more zucchini ideas, but I don’t want to give up all my secrets too early in the season, so stay tuned!

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  1. Sarah @ For the Love of Food

    Amanda – even though I ‘like’ your page on Facebook, I don’t visit my Facebook page all that often so it was a lovely surprise to find all the interesting articles and links you have been putting up – thanks so much!

  2. Rita

    Wonderful! I love both fresh vegetables (and fruit!!) and avocados. Thanks for the post! I’ll check these site out!!

  3. Kate

    Saladpride will be useful and inspirational for our warming up spring days and coming summer heat when no one wants to cook or even eat much

  4. Anna Johnston

    Fantastic links Amanda, thanks…., good info.

  5. David

    Thanks Amanda for the mention, really appreciated.
    Respect David

  6. Amanda

    Thanks for passing by here, David!
    Everyone seems to love your blog!