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What’s in the box – 1/2 December 2010

02/12/2010 | By

Wow – I can hardly believe that I just wrote “December” in the title for this week box contents!!  Where did that go?

The weather has been crazy – pouring rain and jumpers on yesterday, brilliant sunshine and T shirts today, black spot on all my roses, downy mildew on the vines and I shudder to think what the rain has done to the stone fruit – especially the cherries!

I am thrilled to be getting some stone fruit in our box.  We have several peach and apricot trees, but have yet to manage to beat the birds to the crop – even with netting!  (See my earlier post re birds and fruit)  Some of you lucky things have scored some cherries – enjoy!

The zucchinis are coming into season well and truly now and it will be a challenge to find ways to keep them new and interesting through their long season.  I found this great recipe for Stuffed Zucchini Boats on the Steamy Kitchen website. This recipe appeals to me on so many levels – one dish meal, simple prep, a  very versatile dish that can be rearranged in lots of different ways, should be able to get the kids to eat it and it is flavoured with Middle Eastern spices – my very favourite kind of cuisine!

If you are starting to struggle to cope with the broad beans I have a couple of very quick ideas.  Toss the cooked and cooled, peeled beans with some feta and some chopped parsley with a little good quality lemon infused olive oil and serve at room temperature or, alternatively, cook and peel the beans then toss with extra virgin olive oil, some cumin and a good grind of salt or some of the lovely Maldon Smoked Sea Salt that is available in gourmet shops.

Food Connect have come up with a great idea for Xmas presents for those who are hard to buy for – or even those who aren’t!  What about giving your nearest and dearest a Food Connect voucher so they can have the opportunity to share in the great fresh, local produce!  Just call Toby on 8268 7776 for the details.

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  1. kel

    I was so happy to see some BB in my box this week as a i had stripped my crop bars last week and made jamie olivers moroccan bb with yoghurt as a starter for a dinner party. Yum yum yum- best ever. It was gorgeous!

  2. Kate

    My zucchinis have gone crazy in this tropical weather – I may miss most of them as I am heading to snowy London in a week !!

  3. Anna Johnston

    Mmmm, love the stuffed zucchini recipe, might do that for dinner tomorrow, looks awesome. Isn’t it nice to see all the summer stuff appearing?

  4. Sarah @ For the Love of Food

    This will be the first Summer without zucchinis taking over our veggie garden (there will be nothing but weeds taking over this year – due to renovations inside and out). Great recipe for ‘Giant zucchini cake’ in the Cooks Companion – not a giant cake but uses those zucchinis that get away from you (or that you may have in excess).
    I can’t imagine being hard pressed to use broad beans – you lucky people (although I can imagine being sick of podding them)!

    Amanda I have just awarded you the One Lovely Blog award. I can’t see any awards on your blog so you must be exceedingly modest and not display them! Here’s one to add to your no doubt growing collection 🙂

  5. Amanda

    Sarah – thanks so much! This is actually my very first and only award so that makes it quite a thrill for me!