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I blame these blogs!

03/02/2011 | By

Writing this food blog has given me the perfect excuse to spend intemperate amounts of time reading about food, eating it and indulging my curiosity about where it came from by asking inquisitive and prying questions of producers, chefs, marketers and growers.  Burying my nose in  cookbooks for hours at a time, sometimes resulting in a lack of time to actually cook a family meal has become an occasional blogging occupational necessity.  Blogging has also gone some way towards validating the hours I happily spend trawling around in markets, food shops, kitchenware stores and book shops.  And it has made me fat (ter).   It appears that the hours I spend online wandering from one delicious food site or blog to the next have had some unanticipated affect on my mid-section and lower torso, causing them to expand and lose tone and strength.  It took some time for me to realise this had happened and, as we all know, once this kind of damage has occurred it is an extremely testing matter to reverse it.

Clearly, this is not my fault and I feel it is time to lay the blame squarely where it belongs.  I want to make use of this post to name and shame some of the exceptionally engaging and informative blog sites who have grasped my attention and contributed to the downfall of my girlish figure!  There are so many blogs that I visit and read that it would be impractical to list them all.  I have whittled it down to five  that I really enjoy, but there are plenty of others out there in the ether who bear their share of responsibility for my waistline, too!

Syrian Foodie in London

Syrians are particularly noted for their cuisine and Damascus is one place in which I would just love to spend some time eating.  Until I can manage that, this London based, Syrian expat surgeon’s blog has plenty to keep my interest.  His recipes are accessible and delicious and I love the glimpses of the Syrian lifestyle he shares.

David Lebovitz

David Lebovitz is an American expat  living in Paris and, in his previous life, he spent 13 years as a pastry chef at Alice Waters famous Californian  restaurant, Chez Panisse.  His is one of the more popular blogs and he has published several books on desserts and chocolate – hence my interest.  His writing is witty and informative, his glimpses of Parisian life are often amusing and his recipes – especially his chocolate ones – are usually just to die for.

The Food Blog

Catering to my love of Middle Eastern food, this blog is written by Lebanese-born and bred but Sydney-based ((hmm – I’ve just noticed a theme) Fouad Kassab.  Fouad supplies great recipes, beautiful photo’s and wonderful stories of a Lebanese childhood – a delight to read and an inspiration for my cooking.

Fig Jam and Lime Cordial

The Sydney author, Celia, uses this blog to document what she refers to as her quest for “quasi-sustainability” on the domestic front.  It seems to me that she must be something of an over-achiever, but I am very grateful for this quality in her.  She is an endless source of practical,  accessible recipes for anything from chocolate chip cookies and sour-dough bread, to making your own vanilla essence or homemade pectin for jam setting.  I regularly trot into the kitchen after being inspired by her, although I still haven’t found the  bottle of vodka I had stuffed with vanilla beans before Xmas.  Of course, my innocent teenagers swear they have no information at all about it.

Food Politics by Marion Nestle

This last one is not a cooking or recipe blog, but is an often very clear-sighted look at current food issues.  Marion Nestle is an Professor at new York University and the author of several books on food politics.

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  1. sarah @ For the Love of Food

    That’s three new blogs for me to check out! I already know and love Celia’s blog and The Food Blog (how did he score that blog name?!) Thanks Amanda.

  2. Amanda

    Agreed on “The Food Blog”‘s name – a piece of SEO heaven, really!

  3. Joanna

    Hi Amanada, just thought I ‘d return your visit! I know what you mean about the expanding waistline! I think Celia at Figjam and Lime Cordial has become a meeting point for so many of us – I love her chicken tales and her new garden as well as her wonderful recipes.

    Thank you for enticing me to read even more food blogs, I am sure they are going to be wonderful!

  4. Anna Johnston

    Your expanding waistline is dutifully thanked & truly appreciated for such commitment to your craft Amanda (aahhh yes, blog hopping is a craft…. I have deemed it so!!!), I love hearing of such genuine shout outs as you’ve given here. Couldn’t agree more on Celia’s blog, I am a huge fan of her writing, recipes & meandering around that awesome garden of hers. Thanks for sharing the others, I don’t believe I’ve visited them, but I’m off to do that now.

  5. Mandy - The Complete Cook Book

    Amanda, I feel your pain of the expanding mid-section and lower torso – a common blogging condition I think.
    Thanks for the introduction to a couple of blogs I have not visited yet and Celia is truly amazing. Our week would not be the same without her posts.
    🙂 Mandy

  6. Kate

    Blog induced weight gain is rife her too !

  7. Kath

    Thought you were next going to say you were heading off to a yoga class with all that about losing muscle tone & strength: don’t worry, we love you the way you are and thanx for all those delicious suggestions as to where to head in blogsville! Sedentarianism not all bad!

  8. Sue Averay

    No wonder your writing is so heavy-weight (I won’t comment on the rest of you!)

  9. cityhippyfarmgirl

    Oh I hear you… Strange how sitting more, baking more and eating more hasn’t agreed with my ample mid section. It’s so confusing as to why….(pilates now booked in.)

  10. Alisa

    You had me laughing at the expanding midsection, same here, after I discovered all these wonderful food blogs and their equally tempting food photos. I just love how you write Amanda 🙂

  11. tasteofbeirut

    I read both the first two blogs regularly; love fouad’s blog for his witty writing, great photos and creative recipes; love David’s for his entertaining and informative writing. I don’t know the third one, will check it out.

  12. Amanda

    Thanks for all of your supportive replies, everyone. It is comforting to know that I am not the only one suffering from this blogging side-effect. I wonder if there is any kind of support group for us? 😉

  13. Celia

    A, that is so nice of you, thank you (and everyone else for their lovely comments, I’m feeling very blessed to have such great friends!). 🙂

    For what it’s worth though, I’ve made myself fat too. Seriously. As I eat this last cacao-nib stuff chocolate cane toad, I’m promising myself tomorrow I’ll start being good.. 😉

  14. Ann

    Thanks for telling us about your fave blogs, I’m in the midst of checking out ‘The Food Blog’ and ‘Fig Jam & Lime Cordial’. I particularly like the latter one. Just what I needed – more time wasting on the computer 😉


    Until I read this post…I pretty much blamed my expanding hips on my Hubby who ‘lives to eat’ and I indirectly enforce it. LOL

    Like some of your selected choices…always a pleasure to make time to visit with them.

    Flavourful wishes,

  16. Lucy

    Thanks Amanda, I particularly liked Syrian foodie in London, funny I assumed he is a she though. Like you, I am a big fan of Middle Eastern food.

  17. Rita

    I perfectly understand you, Amanda! I feel exactly the same… especially now thatI’m not walking well… Weight, weight, weight…

  18. Cakelaw

    Ahhh, but reading blogs is fun, isn’t it! And you can look at it as an education – I have learned so much through blogging.

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