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What’s in the box 20/21 April

23/04/2011 | By

I hope everybody is having a happy and safe Easter break – the link this week is here.

We have been having a very laid back break here in our house – hence my late post for the Adelaide Food Connectors.  I do hope you will forgive me.  There is lots of new and different produce making it’s way into our boxes now and, of course, the big excitement this week was the first “extra’s” deliveries. I hope those of you who have ordered some of these fantastic local products enjoy them and spread the word!  My favourite out of the new offerings is Paolo’s sourdough bread – it is fabulous bread and if you haven’t tried the olive and rosemary, please let me suggest that you begin there – it’s simply amazing.

All of the boxes received Howie’s gorgeous limes in them this week.  Limes are grown all the year round and are produced in many countries, with India topping the world’s production, growing more than 16% of limes world-wide.  They are smaller and sweeter than lemons and are an integral part of many international cuisines, especially  Indian,  Mexican, Vietnamese and Thai and are generally used dried in Persian and Iraqi cuisine.  Of course, no bottle of gin would be anything like complete without a bowl of limes – in my humble opinion.

I love a nice, creamy cheesecake and I reckon that a long weekend is the perfect time to get into the kitchen and indulge yourself.  I happened upon this recipe on the world wide web and it seemed to call to me.  I was thrilled to bits to see the words “full fat cream cheese” in the ingredients and the fact that it clearly stipulates the use of an organic lime means that it was written just for us!  I substitute crushed Granita biscuits for the US graham crackers and if you don’t have any pecans handy, walnuts will do just as well.  A perfect way to finish off any celebratory meal, this one is guaranteed to endear you to all of your friends and family.

Head on over to the food blog Delicious Days for the recipe and have a great holiday.

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  1. Kate

    oooh my Easter break would be complete if I could have just one slice of that cheesecake – it sounds so so glorious and so so not on my diet !

  2. Amanda

    Kate – things have been busy around here and I have yet to make it , but I hope to get to it today or tomorrow.

  3. Anna Johnston

    Yep, full fat cream would’ve got me in too Amanda 🙂