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In My (post-Christmas) Kitchen

05/01/2012 | By

I’m lifting this idea for a post from my friend Celia, over at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial. She’s far more organised than me and does a monthly post on interesting happenings in her kitchen.  I’m not sure that I can promise to have a fascinating kitchen on a monthly basis, but there are one or two things in there at the moment I thought I might share with you this week.  I’m beginning with the sunset on Monday (2 January) evening.  While technically not actually in my kitchen, it can be seen in all it’s glory from my big kitchen windows so I’m pretty sure it counts.  I took this shot with my DSLR on manual and did no post processing at all – so you can see that the camera class I took seems to have paid off somewhat. 😉

There are still a few of these sweet little Cranberry Orange Shortbreads left, surprisingly.  I found the deliciously simple recipe on the Foodista website here.  They are very quick to make up and the recipe makes loads.  I rolled the dough into logs and froze it, cutting off and slicing just what I intended to bake.  Of course, I just had to tweak it a little and added extra orange rind, some juice and a dash of orange flower water.

There are plenty of fresh eggs in the kitchen at the moment.  The hens are laying very well and I can’t seem to give them away quickly enough.  At the moment some of our eggs come with that special little extra something.  We gifted the hens all of our prawn heads and prawn shells from our Christmas feasting and they were more excited than I’ve ever seen them.  This has had an unexpected side-effect and now some of the eggs that were laid subsequent to the prawn-fest are ever so slightly prawn flavoured – not the taste I was after in my baking, unfortunately.



The gorgeous drop in this stunningly sexy bottle is my new favourite tipple of choice. St. Germain is an elderflower-based liqueur and is made from Alpine Elderflower blossoms hand-picked by only the most rosy-cheeked and rustic of characters, preferably whilst wearing cloth caps.  It was a ridiculous extravagance, but I’m being very  prudent with it and only sharing it with those I value most.  It is wonderful added to a glass of chilled French champagne and I’ve also macerated strawberries in it and served them with clouds of soft, whipped cream – heavenly.

This little sweetie is the last bear standing from a kilogram of Lindt chocolate which I won just before Christmas in a competition on another Australian food blog, Eat, Drink and Be Kerry.  The choccy arrived just before Christmas and beautifully graced our Christmas table, albeit briefly.  If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time at all, you’ll know how I feel about chocolate and therefore what a special little Christmas miracle this win was.

These two packets of very special Italian nougat are something of a windfall for me.  I bought them on an accidental shopping trip I made to Bottega Rotolo, here in Norwood, just before Christmas.  I was popping in to have a super-quick look at the superb products they stock at Christmas time, with absolutely no intention of buying anything, honest!  But really, I ask you, what on earth is a girl to do when presented with some of the very best in Italian confectionary.  Of course I purchased one or two items – just for Christmas gifts, naturally.  Somehow these two didn’t make it to the pile under the tree.  Heh!


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  1. Lizzy (Good Things)

    Hi there Amanda, there are so many wonderfully delicious things in your kitchen. Love the look of the cookies you baked, definitely gourmet. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Celia

    Amanda, thank you so much for joining in, it’s wonderful to see what’s in your kitchen! Don’t feel you have to play every month though, just whenever you feel like it. There’s never an obligation.. 🙂

    What a magnificent view you have from your kitchen window! I reckon I’d never get any cooking done with a view like that! And I’ve never noticed our eggs tasting fishy when we give the girls salmon, but I’ll watch out for it next time. What do you do with the fertilised eggs? I doubt I could have passed up the nougat either! xxx

  3. Amanda

    Liz – I’m a little concerned that I’ll be the one finishing off those shortbreads.
    Celia – We gave the girls salmon, salmon skin and the prawn scraps, but they only had eyes for the prawns, although normally they’d be dead keen to get at the salmon. Not sure about our rooster – not seen any signs of fertilised eggs at all. I suspect he’s all form, no function, but he’s quite handsome.

  4. Rosa

    Lovely treats! Those cookies look irresistible.

    Happy New Year!



  5. heidi

    I love the sunview from your kitchen window- I have a beautiful sunset view from my kitchen window- but mine is filled with trees and houses in the background. The shortbreads look like they need a cup of tea- I love a cookie with a cup of tea.
    And the nougat?? I would have bought it in an instant, but it wouldn’t still be in my kitchen! That is so very delicious!
    Thanks for a look into your kitchen, I follow you on facebook and appreciate all the links- but this was very personal and friendly!

  6. beti

    the cookies look delicious!

  7. grant nowell

    Its pretty hard to go to Bottege Rotolo for a quick visit, there is always plenty of things to check out or buy

  8. InTolerant Chef

    What a lovely view and lovely yummies as well! I love elderflower but haven’t tried that liquor yet as it is so exxy, maybe it can go on my birthday list 🙂

  9. Amanda

    Rosa – thanks!
    Heidi – the nougat is only still there because there is also still quite a lot of other sweet things to get through. 😉
    beti – they are very tasty.
    Grant – I was mad to think I could make it out of there with the credit card untouched!
    Bec – It was horribly pricey, but I’m glad I splurged.

  10. sue averay

    I scored pariya pisyachio persian nougat in my stocking. None left to share, regrettably. Found fresh supplies in Lucia’s this week, thank goodness. Hghly recommended!

  11. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Celia’s series is great and I really enjoy seeing what people have in their kitchen. Your egg holder is very cute! Meanwhile I have some lovely salt and vanillin sugar that I received from Celia for Christmas in mine.

  12. Kate

    You certainly do have fascinating kitchen goings on plus a glorious sunset thrown in !! What a great way to start your 2012 blogging.

  13. Hotly Spiced

    I love your egg basket and would love to have one of those in my kitchen – and chickens in the backyard of course. I’ve heard chickens do take on the flavour of what you feed them. In South Africa chickens were fed on fish meal so when you bought chicken meat it tasted more like fish. This may be why your eggs took on a prawn flavour.

  14. Cakelaw

    What fun – I enjoyed this post. Thanks for the ideas on how to use the St Germain – I bought some in May and am yet to open it.

  15. Amanda

    Sue – lucky you!
    Barb – I knew we were sisters at heart.
    Lorraine – Celia really is one of the most generous people I know.
    Kate – we do have stunning views.
    Charlie – The second-hand prawn flavour is less than desirable – really.
    Gaye – open it, you must. Put it in champers, pour it over fruit or try this from Barbara at Creative Culinary – http://www.creative-culinary.com/caberet-cocktail-from-colt-and-gray-st-germain-liqueur

  16. Mandy - The Complete Cook Book

    Love these “In My Kitchen” posts! Always so much fun to read about what is in other peoples kitchens.
    Elderflower-based liqueur you say, sounds beyond decadent. Please enjoy a sip for me next time to open the bottle.
    🙂 Mandy

  17. Jennifer (Delicieux)

    St Germain and Nougat….yum! I love both of those things. I love the idea of adding it champagne along with macerated strawberries. I will have to try that.

  18. Sous Chef

    Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed peeking into your kitchen.

  19. Kitchen Butterfly

    Amanda dear, I can’t believe you’re only sharing the St Germain liqueur with only those you love….your talk of strawberries and whipped cream in it is making me hungry. Happy 2012 – best wishes

  20. Shanon Davies

    Oh Honey! I love that egg container of yours! and I am craving for that cookies you baked!

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