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Cellars in the Sky Awards 2011 – Qantas range of Australian wines scoops the pool

10/02/2012 | By

Once you’ve arrived home from a holiday, unpacked the bags, distributed the gifts and done the washing it really takes no time at all to slide back into the daily routine of work and chores.  In the light of this, on Tuesday I was pretty pleased to find myself sitting at a table at Adelaide’s Press* Food and Wine, in the company of some remarkable winemakers and their products to help Australia’s Qantas Airways celebrate a truly significant achievement.  On Monday evening (our time) the internationally prestigious “Cellars in the Sky” awards were announced.  These awards recognise the best business and first class wines served by airlines worldwide and this year Australia’s carrier Qantas absolutely scooped the pool, winning top honours in six separate categories and placing second in five others.

Tyrrell’s Semillon – tipping from the weight of the gold medals!

It’s no secret that Qantas has had some reputation repair to be done of late, but these awards mark a decidedly notable accomplishment and go a long way towards further cementing the reputation of Australian wine in the eyes of the international community.  The Qantas wine program is led by an expert panel of wine industry judges and respected winemakers, Tom Carson of Yabby Lake, Vanya Cullen of Cullen Wines and South Australia’s Stephen Pannell of S.C. Pannell.  The program is a brilliant showcase of the diversity and quality of the Australian wine industry and is on display to what is basically a captive audience over very long flights – giving the consumers plenty of opportunity to get to know the best wine that Australia produces.

Press* Food and Wine Roasted Pork Buns

Admittedly, there are precious few of us who will ever smell the heady nose of a wine in first class, but I was very lucky to be able to enjoy a few of them on the day, along with some of Press’ finest dishes.  We were served a significant selection of some formidable Australian wines, including selections from Tyrrells, Yabby Lake, Mount Langi Ghiran and Cullen with my absolute favourites being the drop-dead gorgeous Tyrrell’s 2005 Vat 1 Hunter Semillon and the very sophisticated Woodlands Margaret River 2007 “Nicolas” Cabernet Sauvignon – both way to good to spit.

Press* Food and Wine Dutch Veal Croquettes

If you are interested in purchasing the same wines as those enjoyed in first class you can become a member of epiQure by Qantas Frequent Flyer and have access to the top quality Australian wine selected by the Qantas Wine Panel.

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  1. Kate

    Welcome back to normality/reality !! I hope your holiday was just fabulous !!

  2. Amanda

    Thanks, Kate – a great time was had, but it’s good to be home.

  3. grant nowell

    That roast pork bun looks very cute and I just can`t believe all those gold medals on the semillon, I always fly Qantas but they dont serve that wine up the back!

  4. Hotly Spiced

    I wouldn’t mind trying a few of those wines while sitting up the front. That Tyrrells bottle sure does have a lot of medals! There’s hardly room for the label. Wouldn’t mind one of those pork buns right now either.

  5. Amanda

    Grant – I doubt I’ll ever make it to first, so it was nice to see how the other half drink. 😉
    Charlie – the Tyrrell’s made me swoon it was so good!

  6. Barbara

    Oy where’s my gift?

    Lucky you being invited to such an event. I love a good Hunter Semillion. Good to see Qantas doing well.

  7. Jennifer (Delicieux)

    Wow, that Tyrrell’s wine certainly has a tonne of medals. I always find Tyrrells wines to be great, and obviously the judges agree!

  8. Amanda

    Lorraine – not sure. I’ve got another post to go on the hotels, but I’ve got tons of photo’s I’d like to share. Just not sure how much more of my self-indulgence my readers can take. 😉

  9. cityhippyfarmgirl

    Oodles of self indulgence Amanda! More pics please 🙂
    Welcome home.

  10. Cakelaw

    Sounds like a fabulous way to spend the afternoon!

  11. Rosa

    Those wines sound wonderful and the food looks lovely! A great way of spending an afternoon.



  12. celia

    How nice to have you back, Amanda! It’s been a lifetime since my last Tyrells Vat 1 – I’d forgotten how good it is..