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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) alive & well in Adelaide – Jupiter Creek Farm

09/03/2012 | By

Last week I wrote about two important retail sources of fresh produce here in Adelaide – the Adelaide Central Market and the Adelaide Showground Farmers Market.  City locations are great for urban dwellers, but plenty of consumers who are keen to directly support local growers and producers can find them to be less than convenient for ease of access.  Many of these people will choose to support the regional farmers markets whose numbers are steadily growing (full list coming soon), but there is another alternative which delivers fresh, organic produce almost (but not quite) to your door – Jupiter Creek Farm CSA.

Jupiter Creek Farm is a subscription-based CSA project, operating as a social enterprise and developed out of years of expertise and interest in alternative food systems, delivery and management.  A 64 acre organic property (at the pre-certification stage) near Echunga in the Adelaide Hills, it was developed from an old market garden which has lain fallow for the last 10 years. Several acres of it has now been planted with a variety of crops, with an emphasis on heritage, open-pollinated varietals.  The farm also has a few acres of somewhat neglected orchards which are currently being rehabilitated, a herd of Black and Brown angus cattle and is home to Salad Greens and Kitchen Herbs which are sold to local restaurants and independent supermarkets.  A close relationship with other South Australian organic producers, including organic apples from Kalangadoo and organic citrus fruits from Fat Goose in Renmark, means that Jupiter Creek Farm is able to supply a wider range of fresh produce than that which it is growing, while still keeping it all local.

Perfect for those keen on organic, fresh, local fruit and vegetables, but unwilling to give up their Sunday mornings, subscribers to Jupiter Creek Farm produce boxes can choose from a range of sizes which will be delivered weekly to a pick-up-point (PUP) of your choice.  There is a simple on-line membership process, all payments are made safely and securely through PayPal and you can choose to pay for your boxes weekly or monthly – no commitment to long subscriptions that can be difficult to budget for.  Those of you who like the idea of getting your hands dirty can visit the farm on any of their Tilling Tuesdays, from 9.30 to 5.00 pm, when volunteers have the opportunity to help out either weeding, compost making, seeding, planting, mulching or packing.

Jupiter Creek Farm has been in the making for some time now, but was actually launched for deliveries only last week and is seeing a rapid growth with memberships increasing by 30% in the first week.  It is another string to the bow of alternative food sources in Adelaide, making it just that much easier to feed your family fresh, nutritious produce, affordably and sustainably.





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  1. InTolerant Chef

    I’d love to be part of this! I wish they delivered to Canberra!

  2. Amanda

    Have you had a hunt to see if there is another CSA in your neighbourhood? Maybe Food Connect?

  3. Kate

    Those vegies look amazing – nothing like fresh produce. I have my very own mini Jupiter Farm – the basil and silver beet are out of hand even !!

  4. Amanda

    I had loads of basil, parsley and some limping-along tomatoes, but they didn’t get watered while I was away. 🙁
    Will be replanting soon with some root veg I think.

  5. tania@mykitchenstories

    Yes, the vegetables look so very fresh. Its such a great idea and sure to catch on

  6. celia

    I love that the internet is making it possible for people to source really good produce direct from the growers. And I’d love to get my hands on some of those purple carrots too! 🙂

  7. Hotly Spiced

    You’re making me wish I lived in Adelaide! What a great idea. I wish their business every success and I hope the locals give it their full support. Now…we just need a CSA in Sydney!

  8. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    And here I was yesterday trying to get some yellow and purple carrots! Sadly I just missed the markets so I missed out! 🙁

  9. Amanda

    Charlie, I think you have a CSA – try looking up Food Connect.

  10. The Food Sage

    Good on your for spreading the word, Amanda. This sounds like a great initiative. Long live fresh veggies!

  11. Jennifer (Delicieux)

    There are a couple of great CSA’s here in Brisbane. Jupiter Creek Farm sounds fantastic. It’s really great to see people connecting with growers and taking more interest in what they eat rather than shopping only at the supermarket.

  12. Katharyn

    Hi, I’ve just returned home from a workshop in Sydney that was on 20/8/16 and she mentioned CSA…. this was the first hit when I searched “CSA Adelaide”. I’m about to look up Jupiter Creek Farm, thank you for the tip!

  13. Amanda

    Sadly, and as far as I know, Jupiter Creek Farm is no longer a CSA.

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