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South Australian Citrus Season – Orange Curd Recipe

Thumbnail image for South Australian Citrus Season – Orange Curd Recipe May 30, 2014

Frank Sinatra once said that “orange is the happiest colour” while Ralph Waldo Emerson compared New York City to a sucked orange. Subscribe to Lambs’ Ears and Honey Enter your Email Preview Lamb’s Ears and Honey | A food Blog ♥ Related Posts:Just Dessert – Spiced OrangesFennel, Orange & Salmon BakeFig and Fennel RollBulgarian Fresh Food [...]

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Cookbook review – Divine Vegan Desserts

March 19, 2013

Wickedly indulgent, creamy, melt-in-your-mouth, decadent – these are not words that I usually associate with vegan food.  The words wholesome, nutritious and healthy are more likely to spring to my mind in association with this particular dietary regime – and don’t the latter descriptors actually preclude the former?  Read on, dear friend, because I might [...]

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For Barbara Harris – Lemon, Pear and Choc Chip Muffins

July 16, 2012

The food blogging world is a very noisy place – both aurally and visually.  There are a lot of us out here in the ether and we’d all quite like some of your attention.  Some of us are prepared to go to great lengths to attract that attention with flashy themes and cleverly designed  websites, [...]

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Cultured butter from South Australia’s Woodside Cheese Wrights

July 5, 2012

Whenever anyone asks me what were the high points of our recent trip to Europe I always answer with two simple words – the food.  We happily indulged ourselves whenever possible, knowing we would be walking it all off within days and I was pleased to note that I came home carrying no more extra [...]

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Sweet Adventures Blog Hop – Lemon, Rosemary & Bay infused Ice Cream

April 17, 2012

Unlike the rest of my family, I’m not a huge fan of ice cream.  The rest of them, especially The Husband, would crawl over broken glass for a good bowl of ice cream – or even a mediocre one if that was all on offer.  When they were very young two of my children had [...]

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The Greedy Girl and the Dentist

November 8, 2011

It’s been pretty hysterical in this house for the last couple of weeks as those of you who follow my Facebook page may be aware.  The 21st birthday is all done and dusted, my youngest eventually made it to Vancouver and the last of the year 12 examinations was held this morning (I’m not expecting [...]

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