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In My Kitchen June 2017

02/06/2017 | By

Here’s a quick look at some of the things I’m loving in my kitchen this month – and something I’m not actually loving at all.

In My Kitchen - arnold brothers lemon cooler

Somehow I managed to miss last month’s roundup of In My Kitchen love – and I’m still not sure how. 


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In My Kitchen – April 2017

01/04/2017 | By

A clever idea to support native Australian bees, a wonderful warm memoir, some more food mags & some boozy holiday purchases – all In My Kitchen this month.

In My Kitchen April 2017 - Weleda bee hotel

Welcome to the April 2017 In My Kitchen roundup. This monthly peek into the kitchen of bloggers from all around the world is hosted by Liz over at Bizzy Lizzy’s Good Things. For the complete list of participants and links to all the other kitchens head over there.

 Frustratingly, my new kitchen is still not quite up and running. In fact, it only became functional yesterday. I’m resisting showing any images of the work so far, until it is all finished.

 In my kitchen this month is this very clever bee hotel, a home for our solitary native bees and a gift from Weleda Australia. Founded by Rudolph Steiner, the father of biodynamic farming and anthroposophical medicine, Weleda produce an extensive range of quality organic and biodynamic skin and personal care products.

They have extended their commitment to wellness with the Bee B&B Hotel program, launching it in more than 70 Australian schools so far. Native bees play an important role in the pollination of our food plants. The project gives schools an opportunity to turn their kitchen garden into a place for these native solitary bees to take shelter and rear their young. The ‘bed’ is the bee hotel and the ‘breakfast’ is the school garden. You can find out all about this important initiative on the Bee Hotel website.

in my kitchen april 2017 - the barber of budapest book

 Another delightful gift I received recently was from the In My Kitchen host, and my friend, Liz Posmyk. Last year Liz successfully published her first book, The Barber of Budapest, a charming and heartfelt tribute to her Hungarian immigrant parents.

 In her memoir, Liz shares with us her family history and deeply personal memories of her much-loved parents, her upbringing and just some of the food with which her treasured mother kept their Hungarian legacy alive. It’s an absolute delight to read and her inclusion of a packet of Hungarian sweet paprika in the parcel was a thoughtful way to encourage me to try some of the delicious recipes she includes in the book. Do try to get your hands on a copy – contact Liz via her blog for details.

in my kitchen april 2017 - NZ food magazines

 The Bloke and I are only just returned from a brief walking trip in the spectacular Abel Tasman National Park, in the south island of New Zealand. I’ll be sharing some of my photos from that excursion in weeks to come, but I’ve got these fine New Zealand food magazines in my kitchen to remind me of the exceptional food culture they enjoy over there. I’m looking forward to playing in the new kitchen and trying some of these delicious recipes out.

 Shopping wasn’t a priority while hiking through the New Zealand bush, but I couldn’t resist an indulgent purchase in the duty free store on the way out of the country. I’m not a big liqueur drinker and don’t keep many in my kitchen, but am very fond of glugging orange flavoured booze into some of my baking and desserts. This blood orange Cointreau is richer in colour, tang and depth of flavour than usual and will be fun to play with.

In My Kitchen April 2017 - new liqueurs

The Chambord is a drink I’ve never tried, but a splash of raspberry flavoured liqueur in a glass of bubbly, or a white wine spritzer is a very appealing notion and something I’m sure I could get used to. And it came in such a pretty bottle.

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In My Kitchen – March 2017

03/03/2017 | By

I’m taking a different approach to the In My Kitchen roundup this month, sharing a new beginning and a heartbreaking ending.

not much in my kitchen march 2017

It’s time for the monthly In My Kitchen roundup hosted by my friend Liz over at Bizzy Lizzy’s Good Things. Head over there for a full list of participants from around the world.


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In My Kitchen – July 2016

01/07/2016 | By

Yes – it’s time for another In My Kitchen roundup. Mine is looking a little predictable in one way, and quite well-travelled in another!

In My Kitchen, pears July 16

I’d love you to join me in my kitchen again this month. To get a look at the full list of participants in this monthly round-up, head over to Maureen at Orgasmic Chef and get a an eyeful of what is making us all smile this month.


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In My Kitchen June 2016

03/06/2016 | By

There’s a whole lot of fabulous food in my kitchen this month!

Gazander oysters in my kitchen

Sadly, I missed last month’s In My Kitchen round-up due to work commitments but I’m not letting that, or the fact that I’m not actually even in the country, let alone my kitchen, get in the way this month.


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In My Kitchen July 2015

03/07/2015 | By

KitchenAid's new range of bakeware - In My Kitchen July 2015

KitchenAid’s new range of bakeware – In My Kitchen July 2015

I suspect that Celia, who hosts the In My Kitchen series over at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial, will be quietly surprised at the fact that I’ve managed to post consecutively for all of this year (so far)! 


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