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Bistecca – A Traditional Feed in Florence

Thumbnail image for Bistecca – A Traditional Feed in Florence January 22, 2014

Are you still out there, dear, gentle reader? I know I’ve been neglectful over the last couple of weeks, but typing has been very difficult for me. I have a  sad and sorry tale about that and I’ll tell all further down on the page, but first let me share a little of our time [...]

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Roast Lamb Meal Makeover with An Honest Kitchen – A Guest Post

June 11, 2013

I’m trying something a little different today and introducing you to a couple of ladies who share my interests in good food, easily prepared, with maximum impact – both in taste and nutrition.  Nutritionist Kathryn Elliot and her friend, photographer and recipe developer Lucinda Dodds, combine their skills and talents in An Honest Kitchen, a [...]

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Good Food & Where it Comes From – The Facts About Feedlotting in Australia

October 17, 2012

I’m very aware of the fact that the majority of people do not think too hard about where their food comes from.  There are lots of reasons for that – life can be a pretty distracting business for many and they just don’t need another thing on their plate (pardon my pun) to cause anxiety [...]

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Target 100 – A sustainable Australian meat production industry by 2020

March 30, 2012

Those of my readers who follow me on Facebook or Twitter might have seen me mention Target 100 once or twice in the last week or so.  An admirable new initiative by Meat & Livestock Australia, Target 100 aims to deliver sustainable cattle and sheep farming in Australia by 2020.   Sustainability is no recent thing [...]

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“Tis the season…Thanksgiving & Christmas meats

December 3, 2011

I’ve been thinking about food traditions and celebratory eating habits of late.  My youngest is off in the wilds of Canada (well, really just Vancouver if I’m to be completely honest) on her student exchange and her host family took her with them to celebrate Thanksgiving with family in Oregon in the USA.   She [...]

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Sausage making 101

June 13, 2011

  Tonight for dinner, we’ll be having sausages and mash.  Not just any sausages, mind you, but beautifully tasty sausages made with nothing but fresh, free-range Berkshire pork and seasonings – no fillers, cereals or preservatives.  And do you know how I can be so very sure of this?  Because I made them myself!  Much [...]

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