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Don’t Ski? Check Out Other Snowy Outdoor Activities at Sun Peaks Resort

20/03/2017 | By

There’s absolutely no reason for non-skiers to miss out on snowy fun with the generous selection of outdoor activities at Sun Peaks Resort.

outdoor activities at sun peaks resort

As I mentioned in my post introducing you to the second largest ski area in all of Canada, there’s a huge selection of outdoor activities at Sun Peaks Resort for those who don’t, or can’t ski. You could easily fill a week with adventures like ice fishing, tube riding, snow biking, snow shoeing, snow mobile riding, dog sledding, skating, sleigh rides, Segway rides and rides on the fabulous snow groomers. With limited time, The Bloke and I tried out several of these options. The dog sledding is simply an amazing experience and one I’ll share in detail in a separate post – in the meantime, here’s a taste of some of our other snowy experiences.

Snow Mobile Rides

outdoor activities at sun peaks resort - snow mobiling

Snow mobiling is an exciting way to get to the top of the mountain and back down again. Sun Peaks offers a selection of tours to suit everyone. You can drive yourself, following a guide, ride as a passenger on two or four hour tours, or enjoy the popular evening weiner roast tour.

The tours head into the back country, winding through forest trails, across frozen lakes and wide, open meadows. The views are astonishing and this is a great way for the non-skier to have access to scenery and experiences they might otherwise miss out on. Our guides were fantastic, going out of their way to make sure we felt safe on the machines and ensuring we were having absolutely the most fun you can, while sitting down!

Views from the top, snow mobiling - outdoor activities at sun peaks resort

Winter Segway Tours

outdoor activities at sun peaks resort

Segways are funny things and it never occurred to me that one could use them in the snow – but how wrong was I! After a quick education and safety session, The Bloke and I mounted our Segways and followed our guides as they shared their local knowledge of the resort village and region. Rugged up against the winter chill, we meandered through winding tracks, enjoying the chance to check out the local area on these clever eco-friendly machines.

The Segway tours are available for anyone aged 14 or over who can stand up for an hour or so. Warm clothing is required and helmets are supplied.

Snow Shoeing

outdoor activities at sun peaks resort snow shoeing

Aside from the dog sledding (coming up soon!) snow shoeing was my favourite of the outdoor activities at Sun Peaks Resort. Not actually being much of a snow bunny, I’d never even heard of it before we got there, but it is an accessible and fun way to wander through the local winter wonderland (a cliché, I know, but just so true). 

outdoor activities at sun peaks resort winter wonderland

At Sun Peaks you can strap on some rental shoes, buy a trail ticket and take yourself off on the trails, or join a professional guide for a two hour tour wandering through the forest and open fields, checking out the local fauna, a snow cave and a trappers camp.

We had made friends with a delightful local couple who offered to take us out snow shoeing, so we jumped at the chance. Snow shoeing takes a simple walk in the forest and adds an extra layer of jaw-dropping beauty, physical effort and hysterical laughter. There’s an art to dodging snow dumps from heavy, overhanging branches and I was grateful for a soft landing in the snow after the occasional stumble or slide down from a steep bank.

outdoor activities at sun peaks resort, trappers camp.

Trappers camp.

We emerged from the trail an hour or two later with cheeks aching from grinning and glowing from exertion – and justifiably feeling like we’d earned a hot chocolate.

For a look at the full range of outdoor activities at Sun Peaks Resort check out their website.

While at Sun Peaks, Lambs’ Ears and Honey was a guest of  Destination Canada, Destination British Columbia,  Sun Peaks Resort and Nancy Greene’s Cahilty Hotel. Her opinions are entirely her own.

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  1. Liz (Good Things)

    Oh Amanda, what a wonderful winter getaway. Loved seeing you on the segway! Very inspiring. xx

  2. Tandy I Lavender and Lime

    I am cold just looking at all that snow – but it does look like fun. I was meant to go on a Segway tour in a vineyard but sadly didn’t go. I can imagine how challenging it must have been in the snow 🙂