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How the Cakesnake Changed My Life – Win One for Yourself!

21/08/2012 | By

My name is Amanda and I have a baking problem.  No, no, not with the cooking sherry, but with my baking cupboard.   I’m going to show you something that has been a source of much frustration, anger, loud clattering and banging and some very bad language.  It has been the bane of my life for years and, until recently, one  I thought would bug me to my grave – or the end of my baking days, whichever comes first.

That shot was taken before a clever little invention called Cakesnake came into my life.  The brain-child of an innovative, but irritated, young woman and her clever-clogs, product designer husband this simple gadget has turned my cupboard around.  Cakesnakes are light, are fitted with rubber stoppers on the feet, will fit in most cupboards or deep kitchen drawers and will hold not only all of your bakeware, but chopping boards, roasting pans, pizza trays, pie dishes, cookbooks or platters.   In two seconds this appalling mess had been organised within an inch of it’s life and I can now open the cupboard door without the usual accompanying crashing, clattering and swearing as poorly balanced trays and pans slide all over my feet.

The top shelf of my cupboard now – amazingly – holds five baking trays, six cooling racks of various sizes, eight muffin pans (I’ve no idea why I have 8 muffin pans) two brownie pans and a large gem tray!  I can’t believe such a simple little invention could make such a difference and I’ll be sending in my order for a second one for the bottom shelf.

Cakesnakes are available online here for only $39.95 (free shipping in Australia) but Elizabeth, the aforementioned irritated but innovative young woman, has offered me one to give away free to my readers.

To enter you need to “Like” Cakesnake” on Facebook AND leave a comment at the bottom of the page here.  Given I’ve inexplicably  got so many muffin pans, perhaps you’d like to share your favourite muffin recipe with us all.  You can gain extra chances to win by “Liking” Lambs’ Ears and Honey on Facebook or Twitter and Retweeting the competion details – just follow the instructions below.



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  1. Erin @ she cooks, she gardens

    I thought that was a picture of my kitchen ‘loading dock’ for a moment there! What a genius invention!

    Fave muffin recipe? Banana Almond muffins (use almond meal instead of flour). So good!

  2. Jennifer @ Delicieux

    Oooh I need one of these Amanda!! My cake pans are taking over my cupboards. What a great give away!

  3. Sonia El-Sheikh

    LOVE Cheesecakes 🙂 liked and followed

  4. Sonia El-Sheikh

    I love chocolate choc chip muffins 🙂

  5. Tamara Hall

    I’ve just ordered a cakesnake after seeing one featured in MasterChef Magazine. I still want to win another though as my baking cupboard and drawer rival Amanda’s. I’m sure the swearing is greater though! Hmmmm …. muffins. My favourite is definitely cherry ripe. Yummo.

  6. S Armstrong

    Blueberry Muffins rock!!!!!

  7. K. Hearn

    Finally, all my dreams have been answered! What a clever, simple and fabulous invention. I have a LOT of tins and they are stashed in numerous cupboards around the house, a bit like coat hangers, they seem to multiple. Our favourite muffins are white choc and oozing butterscotch, beautifully drizzled with strands of choc.

  8. Sue

    With a 11 week old baby I have got very good at whipping up savory muffins for visitors – ham cheese corn all over at done in about 10 min plus cooking- right now these are my favourites

  9. Narelle Rock

    Blueberry crumble, big chunks of berries through the muffin with a sweet crunchie crumble on top, yum!

  10. Judy

    Brilliant gadget and I will be ordering one for myself Amanda.
    I cope alright with the banging, clanging etc but it is a husband who is noise sensitive who really hates my baking cupboard contents.
    Muffins, I love them all but banana/choc chip would be my favourite.

  11. Kate

    Pumpkin spice would be my fave muffin if i had to pick but blueberry would be right up there too. I could not show my cupboards to an online audience – there would be mass horror !! If you move one tin there is an avalanche of other baking flotsam and jetsam – you probably get my drift !!!

  12. Barbara | Creative Culinary

    This is quit brilliant (I used that word just for you!) – I am ALL about gadgets to help me create order and more space. Now if I only lived in Australia and don’t kill me for messing up your giveaway. 🙂

  13. Hotly Spiced

    That first photo of your kitchen cupboard looks exactly like mine. I hold my breath every time I open the doors to those cupboards – you never know what might fly out and hit you. This is a terrific invention, a serious must-have. My favourite muffins are blueberry – common I know, but they really are the best especially with a little lemon zest in the mix xx

  14. Johanna GGG

    that looks fantastic – I feel like it could sort out half my Christmas presents 🙂

    My favourite muffin recipe is chocolate honey muffins

  15. The Food Sage

    How on earth did you get in my messy baking cupboard to take a photograph?Oh, right, that was your cupboard. It looked just like mine! You really captured the moment, Amanda. All that clattering and clanging just to find the baking tray you want. My last kitchen was open plan with the lounge room and you have no idea how many times my partner has spat the dummy, as i was spitting dummies in the baking cupboard and losing my patience with the chaos. In my new kitchen i can at least close the door. But the baking cupboard is in even more chaos … it’s one of those awful corner cupboards. This cakesnake sounds like the perfect innovation. It took a smart woman to come up with it!

  16. Lara

    I love banana and anything muffins, berries and dark choc always good to..

  17. Melissa Jones

    Banana crunch muffins, love it 🙂

  18. Andrea

    The cake snake looks like a great idea. My baking cupboard is a corner cupboard and yes, inevitably, the tray I need is the tray on the bottom and so banging, clanging, and cursing ensues.

    As for muffins, lemon curd and blueberry for me. Although, I’m now inspired to add a crumble topping as Narelle mentioned above. Off to the kitchen I go…

  19. Natasha Conrad

    Boy could we use a cake snake in our cupboard! We’re convinced that pans, tins, trays etc are breeding down there in the dark! Would love to win this fabulous product in the hope that it could save us from having our toes crushed every time one of us opens the cupboard. Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  20. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Wow it changed your life! That is a great invention indeed 🙂 Anyone that can declutter the mess under my sink would change my life for the better (although I don’t think a CakeSnake would help there :P).

  21. Miss Kimbers @ Fruit Salad and Mixed Veg

    Haha, yes I know the baking tray/cake tin story. Every time I want to bake something, it’s battle it out with the cupboard. I call my mum and ask if she can help me find what I am looking for. We need a torch and scratch our heads. Then we find out that whatever we want and use most often is AT THE BACK! 😐

  22. Amanda Page

    My favourite muffin recipe is sundried tomato, spring onion and parmesan. They’re good fresh, and work well sliced and toasted the he day. I have many, many baking sheets, trays, muffin pans, cakes and other paraphernalia, so I could go a Cake Snake!

  23. Maureen | Orgasmic Chef

    What a brilliant idea that cakesnake is. Just the thought of using a snake in Australia is pretty scary, I reckon. 🙂

    My favourite muffin is blueberry with a lemon zest and demerara sugar topping.

  24. Tiana

    carrot and walnut!

  25. tania@mykitchenstories.com.au

    I saw this invention somewhere and read the story of how success it is and that it changed the inventors life too. So simple but so effective. I love apple crumble or apple and oat or even apple and walnut muffins

  26. Celia

    Oh, that IS very clever! Today I was making bread dough and I banged it too hard on the bench…and an entire shelf of cake tins came crashing down.. 😉

  27. Sara

    I love apple sauce and cinnamon mini muffins (so I can have lots of them at a time!).

  28. Wendy

    What a good idea – the simple ones are always the best! Muffins are yummy and so quick and easy to make. My favourites are triple choc with a Lindt ball in the middle, rasberry and white chocolate and good old apple and cinnamon crumble.

  29. Kazzie

    Raspberry, Banana & Coconut Muffins … yum yum!

  30. Colleen

    Rhubarb..freshly cut from the garden.

  31. kirsty

    my favourite muffin recipe is white choc and blueberry and the kids love them.

  32. Corinne

    Peanut butter & dark choc muffins – mmmm, heaven!

  33. Effie Bakkalis

    My favourite muffins are triple choc – chocolate muffin, choc chips inside, choc frosting on top!!

  34. Sue Averay

    What a great idea. Particularly irresistible to the daughter of a man who used to say “I’m so hungry I could bake a snake” every evening before dinner! My favurite muffin is generally the one I’ve just finished and specifically the lemon and sesame honey syrup-soaked variety.

  35. Sue

    What an awesome product.
    My fav muffins are date, banana & apple with a mix of crushed pecan nuts, maple syrup instead of sugar, & mixed with spelt flour & water.

  36. jody heald

    I WANT ONE!!
    What a brilliant design!