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In My Kitchen August 2015

07/08/2015 | By

It’s time for that monthly roundup of food blog kitchen love – In My Kitchen August 2015.

Ants In My Kitchen August 2015So – the year seems to be racing past me at break-neck speed and now, somehow, it’s time for August’s In My Kitchen, the regular roundup of food blog kitchen love which is hosted by Celia over at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial. Ants are a frequent problem in my kitchen, especially in the summer months, but this handsome ant and all his mates are not. My daughter spent a few days up in Broken Hill and came home with this delicious jar of quandong jam from the Silverton Tea Rooms and a bunch of these crafted bull ants. I think they will look just perfect marching across the back wall, under the verandah outside and I’ll be getting them put up just as soon as the weather doesn’t put them at risk of being blown off.

Health bars from Food for Health In My Kitchen August 2015These delicious snack bars appeared in my post a little while back. Made by Food for Health, an established Australian food brand which focuses on health, functionality and allergy friendly products, they are bursting with superfoods and fibre, while having no added cane sugar, gluten, wheat or dairy. Developed by a naturopath, Food for Health also has a range of muesli, gluten free muesli bars and kids nut free snack foods to make life happier and easier fo those with dietary intolerances.

Loads of lemon In My Kitchen August 2015As I mentioned last week, I have loads (and loads, and loads) of lemons on the tree and in my kitchen. Aside from finding their way into many dishes (including those delicious Lemon Ginger Cookies) I am back to drinking a glass of warm water with a big sqeeze of lemon juice in it first thing every morning. It is supposed to get my digestion kicking along, boost my immune system, balance my gut and combat skin aging. Here’s hoping. 😉

Lots of Tucker's Natural products  In My Kitchen August 2015One of my favourite local South Australian food producers is Tucker’s Natural. They produce an award winning range of  crackers -which no self-respecting cheese platter would be seen without – as well as an exceptional selection of fruit pastes. They are not only great food producers, but wonderful supporters of SA food producers in general, too. This week they sent me a huge box full of their delicious products, along with a cheese board, a handsome picnic rug and a chart suggesting cheese, wine and music accompaniments. Looks like I’m all set up for picnics now – so bring on spring!

Drying the washing  In My Kitchen August 2015And while we’re talking about seasons, I might mention that this food blogger is working around an almost constant arrangement of drying washing draped near Stanley in my kitchen. Because winter. Because it’s wet. This is real life in the Adelaide Hills – glamorous much?

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  1. Maureen | Orgasmic Chef

    I love the ant! I’ve never tasted quandong jam but what’s not to love about jam. Are the Tucker caramelised onion crackers the best ever????

  2. Liz (Good Things)

    Love quandongs, love all your lemons, and love the clothes horse! Reminds me of my place!

  3. Johanna GGG

    Quandong jam sounds great – I had some quandong syrup last year for the first time and it was lovely. I also love those tuckers crackers so it is nice to hear a bit more about the company. And I relate to the constant drying of clothes inside – ours at the other end of the kitchen table

  4. Helen | Grab Your Fork

    Lucky you with a bountiful lemon tree! And I’m a little in lust with Stanley too!

  5. Gerlinde

    What are Quandongs , I have never heard of them. Those ants are fun.

  6. Amanda

    Quandongs are a native Australian fruit, Gerlinde.

  7. Jan (A gluttonous wife)

    I have 2 clothes horses of laundry constantly on the go inside in winter….great things happening in your kitchen – you can never have too many lemons!! Jan x