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In My Kitchen – August 2016

01/08/2016 | By

Some delicious local products and the golden promise of spring are in my kitchen at this chilly time of the year.

Some great local food products in my kitchen

One of the things not in my kitchen this month, again, has been me. I’ve been adventuring on Great Southern Rail‘s iconic train journey, the Indian Pacific – and loving it. But more about that later. Maureen from Orgasmic Chef is the host of the In My Kitchen roundup, but has been unwell. However, I’m on a roll, so will keep posting.

My omega-3 needs have all been taken care of with this glorious gourmet hamper full of premium Tasmanian smoked salmon and some of South Australia’s finest products which was sent to me by Beston Marketplace. These guys offer a service where they put together hampers full of premium, locally sourced Australian gourmet products – which are all fully traceable. They have a range of collections and are well worth considering next time you need to buy a gift for someone special.

Turmeric honey In My Kitchen

In the dead of winter this little jar of wellness from Adelaide’s Honey Lady is all that stands between me and succumbing to every virus that walks past me or to crippling knee pain from my very dodgy knee. Turmeric contains a powerful, natural anti-inflammatory and also has natural antibiotic properties. I’m the world’s biggest skeptic when it comes to dubious fad health claims, but all I know is this works for me.

Citrus from my tree In My Kitchen

It’s citrus time in Australia and my lemon tree is as reliable as ever when it comes to fruit. This year it is producing quite a few of these Buddhas Hands fruit, which is all very well as a fragrant novelty, but won’t make me very happy at all if it is to become a more permanent and prevailing situation.

golden wattle and the promise of spring in my kitchen

And then there’s golden wattle in my kitchen. This bunch is a little the worse for wear after enduring a bashing in yet another wild storm the day before I picked it. However, it perseveres and is a bright happy promise of the spring to come.

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  1. Tania| My Kitchen Stories

    can’t wait to hear about your rail journey. is there wattle in the winter?. Never knew. Although those lemons look great are they a bit ….um not well?

  2. Liz Posmyk (Good Things)

    Hi Amanda… I’ve been following your adventures with interest. Those Buddha hands, wow! And I am loving your sprays of wattle… still so cold here, so nice golden puff balls yet!

  3. Mae

    Those vivid yellow fruits and flowers are a surprise when you are having winter! Enjoy your travels and thanks for sharing what’s in your kitchen.

  4. Lorraine @Not Quite Nigella

    Oh you don’t like the buddha’s hands? They look so gorgeous when I see them in the stores and so expensive too!

  5. Amanda

    Lorraine – they are lovely, but not actually usable, and I certainly don’t want my beautiful, productive lemon tree to produce nothing but these. I need proper lemons!

  6. Andrew Prior

    Think I will have to get me some of the turmeric honey. Sounds fantastic!

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