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In My Kitchen July 2015

03/07/2015 | By

KitchenAid's new range of bakeware - In My Kitchen July 2015

KitchenAid’s new range of bakeware – In My Kitchen July 2015

I suspect that Celia, who hosts the In My Kitchen series over at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial, will be quietly surprised at the fact that I’ve managed to post consecutively for all of this year (so far)!  Check out Celia’s home page for the full list of participants in this pleasantly nosey look into our kitchens.

Regular readers will know how fond I am of baking, so I was pretty thrilled to receive this selection of the new range of bakeware from KitchenAid.  The range is made of 0.8 mm commercial grade aluminised steel for even heating and baking, with folded corners and reinforced rims for extra strength and has a safe PFOA & PTFE free non-stick coating making for a much easier clean-up. I can’t wait to put it through some paces very soon.

Devotea Tea - In My Kitchen July 2015

Devotea Tea – In My Kitchen July 2015

I’m a total tea tragic. I can’t function in the morning before I’ve had my first cup and drink it through the day, varying the selection according to time of day, the weather or simply my whim. One of my earliest posts on this blog was devoted to the large selection of teas I found in the cupboard when the presence of a mouse necessitated a quick spring clean. The mice have stayed away but, due to my utter lack of self-control, the tea hasn’t. One of my favourite local tea vendors and blenders is Robert at The Devotea so when he hosted a tea competition on Facebook a few weeks back I was in – and won! My prize was a selection of that which is so very necessary to my life including a vanilla tea, The Duchess, a beta version of a spiced tea which he is still working on and my favourite Assam. All gorgeous, IMHO.

Books from Books for Cooks, Melbourne - In My Kitchen July 2015

More new books- In My Kitchen July 2015

Once again, there is a new pile of food-related books in my kitchen this month. The copy of Irish Traditional Cooking, by Darina Allen, was an extravagant indulgence on my part. I was brought up in my grandmother’s house and her (traditional, Irish) cooking left a little to be desired – with the exception of her spud dishes, which were always excellent. I’m keen to sit down with this book to see what I missed out on.

“Death in the Pot”, a look at the impact of food poisoning on history and “Sweet Invention”, a history of dessert, were purchases from my favourite Melbourne book shop, Books for Cooks. I always pay them a visit when I’m in town and was thrilled to find that they have moved house and are now in much larger premises right in the middle of Melbourne food-central, Victoria Markets. I have spent much happy time browsing their shelves and look forward to even more wicked temptation from them with all the extra space for extra stock.

Local Adelaide brews featuring at the first Adelaide Beer & BBQ Festival - In My Kitchen July 2015

Local Adelaide brews featuring at the first Adelaide Beer & BBQ Festival – In My Kitchen July 2015

Adelaide is about to celebrate beer and barbecuing in the best way possible on 10-12 July at the first ever Beer & BBC Festival to be held at the Cattle Pavillion and lawns at the Adelaide Showground. The festival will have over 30 exhibitors, showcasing the best of South Australian, Australian and International Beer and featuring live music, degustation dinners, exclusive festival brews and rock star chefs. With Happy Motel’s Andrew Jeavons & Grant Nowell, Brendan Bell from the King’s Head and Duncan Welgemoed from the nationally famous Africola behind the fires, the food promises to be pretty fab. The organisers sent me this great selection of local brews to get me in the mood. It worked.

Wusthof Santoku knife - In My Kitchen July 2015

Wusthof Santoku knife – In My Kitchen July 2015

For Mother’s Day this year, I received (upon request) this very splendid Wusthof Santoku knife to add to my kitchen kit. It is a perfectly balanced, finely crafted piece of equipment, but what I  didn’t foresee was that I had no storage for it in my knife block, so it had to stay in it’s box until I rectified that little problem. I was unable to find a knife block with enough slots to hold all of my knives and, because I am blessed with  many windows in my kitchen, I had no wall space for a magnetic knife strip. What to do??? 

Then I found this clever bock of wood.

Messermeister Walnut Magnetic Knife Block - In My Kitchen July 2015

Messermeister Walnut Magnetic Knife Block – In My Kitchen July 2015

A hunt on the interwebz sent me to the website of Messermeister (translation – ‘knife master’) the home of top quality German knives and knife accessories, where they produce this wonderful magnetic knife block – the perfect answer to my problem. This beautifully crafted walnut block contains industrial strength magnets which hold up to 10 knives securely. It will also hold steels or scissors. I was unable to source one here in Adelaide and when I contacted Messermeister to find a local stockist they very kindly offered to send me one.

Messermeister knife block - In My Kitchen July 2015

Messermeister knife block – In My Kitchen July 2015

Good knives are not cheap, so it just makes sense to look after them properly – and I love this very innovative, handsome and practical solution to my storage problem – thank you Messermeister.


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  1. Kate

    Amazing knife block !! You know I have never owned an expensive knife. Maybe one day……

  2. Tania @ The Cook's Pyjamas

    I’m very interested in your “Death in the Pot” book. Sounds like a great read. Love the knife block. I will have to see if I can track one down.

  3. Anna @ shenANNAgans

    Thats an excellent selection of brews you’ve got there, you’ll have to let me know how the Prancing Pony Amber Ale tastes. The knife block is pretty snaz too. And Wusthof, NICE! Mine was stolen when I was working in a big hotel kitchen a few years back. #punks
    Have a good weekend love, stay warm. 🙂

  4. Liz (Good Things)

    Loving the knife block, Amanda! Great choice of knife too! Greetings from Cardiff in Wales, BTW : )

  5. Hotly Spiced

    It’s so cold at the moment that I’m also drinking a lot of tea – I just need it to get the clogged blood moving through my veins. I love your knife block – very envious. I’d love one just like it. That range of beers would be very popular in this house xx

  6. Lorraine @Not Quite Nigella

    Definitely look after good knives. My brother in law broke my Shun cracking it on a coconut! I was not happy…

  7. Helen | Grab Your Fork

    I’m a closet tea hoarder too. lol. Will have to track down Devotea soon. Love their name!

  8. Gerlinde

    I used to bring all my teas from Germany. They have a herbal tea for cold weather that they call Shitweathertea. I love your beautiful wooden block for your lovely knives.

  9. Amanda

    I do like the name of that tea, Gerlinde!

  10. Ania @ milktoastandhoney.co.uk

    Snap with the Kichenaid bakeware, it’s so good isn’t it? I’m a great fan of Darina Allen too. Great knifeblock btw.

  11. Joanne T Ferguson

    Love the kitchen block Amanda and is exciting about the Beer & BBC Festival coming to Adelaide!
    I know what a collection of cookbooks you have and these look interesting and look forward to what you create from them too!
    Thanks for this month’s kitchen view also!

  12. Tania | My Kitchen Stories

    Oh my Goodness you have also solved my knife block problem. That is exactly what I want too. I have more knives than a knife shop. Thanks Amanda!

  13. Beck @ goldenpudding

    Loving the knife block too, and the books sound fascinating! Also great to know Kitchen Aid now makes bakeware, very tempting!

  14. Gretchen

    Love the knife block. Once I trust the kiddos a little more maybe I can get one too! Now just need to solve the problem of ceramic knife storage. Your teas also look fabulous.

  15. Jan (A gluttonous wife)

    Love the kitchenaid bake ware and your new knives look awesome!!
    Cheers, Jan x

  16. Marian@Apricot Tart

    What a fabulous roundup this month, Amanda! While I love my coffee I do also love a good cup of tea! Your collection sounds amazing! Coveting that knife block – what a beautiful and practical artefact for your kitchen!

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