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In My Kitchen October 2017

06/10/2017 | By

Another quick roundup of things I’m loving in my kitchen this month.

In My Kitchen this month, kombucha

I write this gazing out on a warm, sunny spring afternoon – and boy, has it been a long time coming. Unlike the In My Kitchen blog posts that seem to come around with alarming speed!  Do check out Sherry’s Pickings, the current host of the roundup, for a list of all the kitchens you can peek into this month.

In my kitchen this month is big jug of kombucha. In just a couple of weeks Adelaide will be hosting Ferment the Festival, the utterly unique celebration of all things fermented which I wrote about about here. I’ll be hosting some of the “Meet the Heroes” sessions, chatting with fermenting afficionados about what they do and why they love it, so thought I’d better get right into the zone myself. I love to drink Kombucha, a fermented tea bursting with probiotics, and it’s just too easy to make at home. It’s deliciously refreshing – and perfect for the warmer weather which is almost upon us.

in my kitchen, new book ferment

Demonstrating consummate timing, the good folk at Murdoch Books sent me a review copy of Holly Davis’ Ferment this week. Holly is a wholefood pioneer, chef and one of the co-founders of Sydney’s Iku Wholefoods, which has been running since 1985. She’s had a passion for fermenting since she was young and in this book, destined to become the Australian bible for fermenting, she shares her 40 years of experience. She not only explains each procedure and the kind of kit you’ll need to undertake them at home, but also shares delicious recipes within each individual section and provides an excellent glossary and list of resources, for Australian readers and those overseas. It’s a gorgeous book and I heartily recommend it to those who are looking for a clear, simple guide to begin their fermentation journey.

In My Kitchen SALife magazine

I’ve also got a copy or two of SALife Magazine’s annual Food and Wine issue in my kitchen this month. The 2017 edition is out and on the newsagents shelves now. The Food and Wine edition is a snapshot of the fabulous offerings that are available right here in South Australia, region by region. I’m one of three contributors who compile this epic tome and I’m pretty proud of our work.  I’d love to hear what you think of it.

In my Kitchen marmalade

In my kitchen is my very first effort at marmalade. I love the stuff and developed even more of a taste of it while in Scotland – where it originated. I made this batch using Shirley Spear’s recipe from ‘The Three Chimneys Marmalade Bible’ and can vouch for it’s ease and success. This batch is not clear enough to be show-worthy, but I’m thrilled with it. And it’s delicious.

In My Kitchen, Ottolenghi, Sweet

Of course there is a new cookbook or two in my kitchen. I’ve been a dedicated Ottolenghi fan since the first book, ‘Ottolenghi: The Cookbook’, came out some years back and my love of baking was always going to lead me to ‘Sweet’, the latest book. I’ve sat down and gone through it page by page, earmarking all the things I want to make. I started with the Tahini and Halva Brownies – and what a splendid way to begin!



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  1. Amanda

    Yes, Lorraine, I hunted down the bitter Seville oranges to make it.

  2. Francesca

    I am also keen to take a look at that Ottolenghi ‘sweets’ book. The marmalade looks superb- who cares about the clear factor. Have just recently eaten at the Three Chimneys in Skye so will be keen to look at Shirley’s recipe on return. Seville oranges, with that slightly bitter taste, make the best marmalade. Also keen to try more fermenting- does that book also look at Kefir?

  3. Amanda

    I hunted down some Seville oranges for this marmalade and am glad I did – I love the hint of bitterness. There’s a big section on kefir in “Ferment”, but I’ve yet to look at it. I had a play with milk kefir a few weeks ago, but the charm of drinking room temperature, slightly-off milk wore off very quickly. 😮

  4. mae

    Your marmalade looks pretty. I didn’t know that it should be clear. The commercial kind I have eaten usually has strips of candied rind in it.

    Ottolenghi is one of my favorite cookbook authors too. I managed to try one of his restaurants in London last year as well. I’m looking forward to bloggers documenting how his new dessert recipes work… I don’t bake enough to get that book.

    best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  5. Sherry m

    Hi Amanda
    Your marmalade looks lovely. I love it very chunky and bitter. Mm not sure about all this fermenting. I know it’s good for you but does it taste good?:)) good on you with the magazine. Thanks for joining in this month. Cheers S

  6. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    Those brownies sound fantastic. Well done on the marmalade too! I’ve never tried making my own. I’ve also yet to try kombucha, which is a bit embarrassing really.

  7. Krista Bjorn

    What lovely, inspiring things in your kitchen! The books caught my eye right away. 🙂

  8. Kim | a little lunch

    Amanda, your kitchen is so “nurturing” this month. The cow and rooster in the background of your “pitcher of Kombucha photo” are too cute, as is your bright blue tea pot simmering on the stove behind your marmalade bounty. (Maybe to enjoy a cuppa with your Ottolenghi brownies?) Marvelous cover shot on the SA magazine, too, with enticing titles! You should definitely be proud of your contributions to that — and to IMK! THank you.

  9. Sandra

    I’ve fiddled a bit with fermenting. Other than sourdough and yoghurt nothing I’ve produced has excited my palate. Might be time to try again I think. That SA mag is a beauty, congrats

  10. Miss Food Fairy

    You should be proud of your marmalade Amanda, it looks perfect to me 🙂 I’m not a marmalade girl but I’d buy some if I saw it at a farmer’s market. xx

  11. Liz (Good Things)

    Hi there Amanda… sorry I missed this post, I think we were up north. Loving all the goodies in your kitchen. Seville orange marmalade. Wow. Nice one! The oranges are hard to track down in my experience. We are loving kombucha… my son is currently babysitting my SCOBY hotel (we were away)… burping it daily. The Ottolenghi book looks great… sadly, I’m not allowing myself any more book buys unless they are absolutely critical to my day to day life. I shall look forward to hearing more from you about it. xx

  12. Tandy | Lavender and Lime

    your marmalade looks amazing. I have not tried kombucha but I need to ferment something this month and need a recipe. Might have to see if I can get the recipe book here 🙂