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In My Kitchen September 2015

04/09/2015 | By

A September peek in my kitchen – where I think my sweet tooth might be showing.

Cocoa Amour chocolates

Cocoa Amour chocolates

It’s been a pretty busy time for me over the last week or two, what with a quick trip to New Zealand and coming home to a family medical emergency, but I’m determined not to ruin my run so far this year with Celia’s, of Fig Jam and Lime Cordial, In My Kitchen posts. I’ve managed to get one up each month so far this year and here is my, slightly brief, contribution for September.

I was only in Auckland for a few days and had no desire to knock myself out by running around trying to do too much, but was determined to visit some markets. These jewel-like chocolates pictured above are part of the stunningly eye-catching and very delicious range from Cocoa Amour who can be found at La Cigale French Markets in Auckland. (More on that later.) A relative new-comer to the scene (having only been in business for less that 12 months) their products are lovingly decorated by hand and finished to a high standard. I’ll be looking for more of these on my next visit.

A Table in the Orchard by Michelle Crawford In My KitchenAmid all of the recent commotion I had a birthday and this book was a much-appreciated gift in my kitchen as I’d had my eye on it in the stores. “A Table in the Orchard” is part memoir, part cookbook, part diary and the story of author Michelle Crawford’s life with her family on their Tasmanian small-holding. Now – I wonder why this resonates with me? 😉

36 Degrees South Fudge In My Kitchen

Fudge In My Kitchen from 36 Degrees South

I’m always very careful about what kind of food products I can bring back in to Australia when I travel and frequently find chocolate and confectionery to be the best bets. Well that’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it. This delicious fudge from 36 Degrees South (the latitude of Auckland) was another tasty market find. Purchased totally to give as gifts, of course.

Zealong Teas

Zealong Teas In My Kitchen

I rarely travel without coming home with some tea and was dead chuffed to find this beautiful product – again at the markets in Auckland. Zealong Teas are fully New Zealand grown and the only tea company in  the world to be certified to the world’s highest food safety standard: ISO 22000 HACCP.  It is a dream of mine to one day visit a tea plantation – maybe I should start with this excellent producer so close to home!

Delicious Devonport Chocolates In My Kitchen

Revisiting a favourite – Devonport Chocolates In My Kitchen

Devonport is a charming north shore harbourside suburb of Auckland, easily accessible by a 10 minute ferry ride from the centre of the city. It is a treasure trove of delightful antique, book and gift shops, plus an absolutely divine wool shop where I gave the credit card a serious work out. (New Zealand has some of the best knitting wool I’ve seen anywhere.) It is also home to Devonport Chocolates, a family business established in 1991 – and one I’m no stranger to. Oddly enough, my nose led me straight there on this return visit to Auckland. Their delicious products are available in several stores around town and are hand made with Callebaut coverture, all produced at the Devonport premises. Naturally I made a few purchases there, too. But they were gifts, honestly.

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  1. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    I was lucky enough to visit Zealong and it was fantastic! They had some great food and afternoon tea on offer and it was such a highlight! 🙂

  2. Gerlinde

    I love the looks of the hazelnut truffle slices. I also like to bring chocolates and teas home when I travel.

  3. Hotly Spiced

    I just loved your comment on my blog, Amanda; I’m so glad you’re out there and that you can totally relate! After this one, I’ll have just one more to do but I have a decade’s wait – and I think I’ll need it! I do love those beautiful chocolates! What a gorgeous finish they have on them. I didn’t know the Kiwis made any tea. Yes, I also buy chocolates and confectionary when away (some of it I eat on the plane on the way home). Happy birthday! xx

  4. InTolerant Chef

    What delicious sweet treats indeed Amanda, those chocolates really are works of art. Happy birthday sweetie xo

  5. Maree

    Those chocolates look like polished glass! Beautiful indeed.

  6. Anne

    Those first chocolates look amazing. How clever.

  7. sherry from sherrys pickings

    oh yum hazelnut and chocolate- divine combo. and those truffles- aren’t they so beautiful? i have had my eye on that book for a while too. looks really interesting. i love NZ, and their products are wonderful.

  8. Liz Posmyk (Good Things)

    Welcome home Amanda. Those chocolates… wow, must show them on FB to my friend and chocolatier Viviane. Love the sound of that book too, it’s on my wish list.

  9. Beck @ goldenpudding

    Those chocolates are astonishingly jewel like! and I agree about confectionary being a great souvenir…

  10. Mel @ The cook's notebook

    so much chocolate! I thought those ones at the top were paperweights – they are almost too beautiful to eat! I love New Zealand and am also keen to return again soon.