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In My Kitchen December 2014

07/12/2014 | By

Wine! Catlin's award-winning Montepulciano

Wine! Catlin’s award-winning Montepulciano

I love to have a poke around all of the other kitchens in Fig Jam and Lime Cordial‘s monthly roundup and, for those of you mildly curious about what I’m loving in my kitchen – here goes! Sitting in a corner I have a couple of boxes of Catlin’s award-winning Montepulciano. I mentioned this as one of my two favourite picks at the Adelaide Hills Wine Region Show. I adored it. It is the kind of wine that makes you raise your eyebrows and smile from the very first mouthful. In my post on the wine show I mentioned that I didn’t stay until the absolute end of the luncheon, but that was mainly because I wanted to get home and order some from this very small winery before it all ran out. I’m greedy like that.

Irrewarra Granola

Irrewarra Granola

Like quite a few other bloggers, I was also sent some tasty granola products to try by the Irrewarra Sourdough people. This is a delicious product and I have been happily nibbling on it for days now, but what really caught my eye was the fascinating story behind this small family business.

Irrewarra was started as a sourdough bakery by Melbourne lawyers Bronwynne and John Calvert. Their popularity and range has grown and their quality products are now available in premium food stores as well as the big supermarkets. In 2010 the food giant Sanitarium tried to take them down in the Federal Court of Australia for breach of the Sanitarium owned trademark “Granola”, but the feisty pair fought back and actually won. There is now an Australian trademark ruling which confirms that the term ‘granola’ can be used as a generic term for breakfast cereal. I do love an under-dog win!

Adelaide Hills Magazine

Adelaide Hills Magazine

In my kitchen this month is the current issue of the award-winning Adelaide Hills Magazine, featuring my regular column “Talking Fork”. This gorgeous magazine show-cases life in the Adelaide Hills and has won the national ‘Australia’s Regional Magazine of the Year’ award for the years 2010, 2012 and 2013. I’m very proud to have been writing for them since the beginning of this year.

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Circulo

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Circulo

Also in my kitchen is this stunning red and very schmick Nescafe Dolce Gusto Circolo coffee machine. Kindly sent to me last week, this has caught everyone’s eye as it sits, bright red and very handsome, on my kitchen bench. This beautifully designed and very stylish machine is also dead simple to use and produces consistent, fine quality coffee at home, using an extensive range of convenient capsules. My lot have all been very happy with java juice at the press of a button and I was thrilled to discover it also makes a splendid hot chocolate. It’s a clever machine that can keep us all happy.

New cookbooks - Food of Life & Persiana

New cookbooks – Food of Life & Persiana

It seems I’m incapable of joining the In My Kitchen rounds without mentioning some new cookbooks. I am exceedingly fortunate in that I get sent many new cookbooks to review, however that doesn’t seem to stop me from buying them as well. These two caught my eye because of the culinary traditions they celebrate, but also because they are stunning examples of their field. Persiana is a debut cookbook for Sabrina Ghayour. It was on the UK bestseller lists for nine weeks, took out the Observer Food Monthly 2014 Best New Cookbook award and every page simply inspires me. Food of Life is the 25th anniversary edition of Najmieh Batmanglij’s comprehensive and much praised book on Persian cuisine and traditions, and has had accolades heaped upon it from the likes of Alice Waters  and Yotam Ottolenghi. It, too, is a constant inspiration. I’ll be using ideas sourced from these two books on our Christmas lunch this year.

That’s my lot for this year – check out the rest of the kitchens over at Celia’s here.

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  1. Johanna GGG

    Great peek in your kitchen – that cover of the persiana cookbook is stunning and the coffee maker looks very space age. I am glad Irrewarra fought the trademark on granola both because I love their bread and because it seems a silly term to trademark.

  2. Maureen | Orgasmic Chef

    John has eaten nearly all of the Irrewarra granola. I found it too cinnamony but he loves it. I always enjoy your cookbooks and I might have just bit of cookbook envy. I like the coffee machine too!

  3. Lizzy (Good Things)

    Congratulations on your regular column, that is really exciting.

  4. Amanda

    Thanks Lizzy, it’s actually not new – I’ve been writing it since the beginning of the year.

  5. Francesca

    I like the sound of those two Middle Eastern cookbooks in your round up this month. May need to consider a little personal Christmas present.

  6. Joanne T Ferguson

    G’day Congrats on being featured and you are the Cookbook Queen to me!
    Well done on your column and in welcoming me into your kitchen this month too!
    Cheers! Joanne

  7. Tania @My Kitchen stories

    Great story about the Granola. How wonderful for you Amanda to be witing in a magazine you are proud of. You are an amazing writer and they are lucky to have you.

  8. InTolerant Chef

    Lots of great goodies for sure Amanda. I’m impressed you find time for your blog and a regular column as well, you Superwoman you! X

  9. celia

    Sanitarium had the trademark on “granola”? Good grief. How great that you’re writing a regular column, and I love that pretty new coffee machine! Have a fabulous December, Amanda! 🙂

  10. SeattleDee

    Oh my, serious appliance envy here over your stunning red coffeemaker!

  11. Anne

    Congratulations on the column Amanda … I’ve been meaning to read the latest edition and will – eventually. Adelaide Hills Mag is a great publication and wonderful medium for promoting our gorgeous Adelaide Hills.

  12. sherry from sherryspickings

    what a gorgeous coffee machine tho i have to say i am against them from a “greenie” point of view due to all the plastic capsules. love the look of the cookbooks. i too keep collecting them even tho i have many and also use the Net for recipes. Merry Xmas to you and yours.

  13. Maree

    That wine sounds interesting, will have to do some research on it, thanks. How would it go on granola? 🙂 Definitely like it when the underdog wins. Thanks.

  14. Hotly Spiced

    Congrats on writing for the magazine. That’s excellent news. You must have so many cookbooks! And yes, I love a ‘David vs Goliath’ fight too xx

  15. Marian@Apricot Tart

    Hi Amanda, I loved your post and was particularly drawn to that Catlin award-winning Montepulciano! Congratulations on the column and your contribution to the success of the Adelaide Hills Magazine! Cheers!

  16. Miss Food Fairy

    I’m a lover of cookbooks too – I just can’t get enough and your new additions seem very interesting. I look forward to your interpretation of their recipes. Congratulations on your magazine column and the magazine – what an amazing award for all involved. Thank you for the peek in your kitchen, see you next year for IMK Happy New Year

  17. Rachel (Rachel's Kitchen NZ)

    My copy of Persiana has finally arrived – ordered it months ago, never thought it was going to arrive, then got an email yesterday saying it was here:) Will pick up tomorrow:) The Food for Life looks great too – might have to get my bookshop on to getting that for me too!

  18. Amanda

    The more I read of Food for Life, the more I love it, Rachel. Would highly recommend it.