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Lambs’ Ears Had a Birthday – 7 Years of Blogging!

17/02/2017 | By

Lambs’ Ears had a birthday and I forgot – again!

lambs' ears had a birthday

Oh no, it seems I’ve done it again. I’m a bit hopeless at remembering important dates and have rarely (if ever) remembered the anniversary of this blog.  This week I’ve been reminded that my memory has failed again and, in fact, last week Lambs’ Ears had a birthday and turned seven years of age.

I had no idea when I began this self-indulgent little ramble where it would take me and never cease to be surprised and grateful in equal measure for the opportunities it has opened out for me.

I certainly had no idea that I’d be working with national and international tourism organisations, major international food brands, writing for one of South Australia’s most prestigious monthly publications and still be meeting and being inspired by local food producers seven years down the track.

I’m especially grateful to you, dear reader, for taking the time each week to read this blog and for interacting both here and on my social media accounts. Your encouragement has motivated me to keep writing, honing my skills and seek out interesting content.

Cake - because Lambs' Ears had a birthday

I’ve been having a look at which of my blog posts you have enjoyed most over these seven years. Unsurprisingly, the “Baking” tag rates highly – and far and away the most popular post in that category is my post for the Haigh’s Dark Chocolate Mud Cake.

Pretty apt for a birthday, really, and it totally symbolises my attitude to food- it needs to be authentic, fresh, simple to prepare and punch above it’s weight in flavour.

And it’s in the most important food groups of all – “cake” and “chocolate”!




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  1. Jacqui

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY and well done on a great blog!!! 🙂

  2. jane

    Happy Birthday Lambs Ears! Xx

  3. Grant Nowell

    You should be rightly proud of seven years, years of great fun and informative content and pictures. It’s hard work and you are appreciated by many, Continue on, don’t let the 7 year itch get you!

  4. Tania|My Kitchen stories

    Ha yes sometimes it feels like a self indulgent ramble and yes it is HARD work, but boy haven’t you done well? Yay, many happy returns!

  5. Moira McInerney

    Well done to my sister, who has built a great reputation, name and life for herself over those 7 years.

  6. Anna @ shenANNAgans

    Well done and what an accomplishment. I love that I have been following your adventures for all these years too. Proud of you gurl! Cant wait to see what the next 7 involve. 🙂

  7. Gerri & George

    Very much appreciated over here.
    Happy Birthday and Congratulations on a highly informative and entertaining blog.
    Looking forward to another 7 years at least.

  8. Liz (Good Things)

    Congratulations on this impressive milestone. Love your blog and proud to be your friend. xx

  9. Tania @The Cook's Pyjamas

    Congratulation on seven years! You have had some amazing adventures that I love reading about. My list of things to do seems to grow longer with your every post 😉 Here’s to the next seven years.