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New Competition – Win a KitchenAid Artisan 9 Speed Hand Mixer

21/03/2014 | By

Cast your mind back, dear, gentle, reader – if you  will – to the dim recesses of time. Actually, if you can just think back to my blog post of late last week that will do the trick. I posted a recipe for a deliciously quick Cheese Batter Bread which I whipped up with the new KitchenAid Artisan 9 Speed hand Mixer. Thanks to the lovely folk at KitchenAid Australia, I can offer one of you the chance to win one of these snappy little work-horses to play with in your own kitchen!

The new Kitchenaid Artisan 9 Speed Hand Mixer is a super convenient, go-to small appliance for those quick jobs where you want a bit of  speedy grunt, without having to bring out the big guns. It features a 9 speed electronic digital control, with a soft start to avoid violent splashing, and has an electronic mixing sensor which  will adjust to the resistance of what you are mixing for smooth, consistent operation.The powerful motor is also surprisingly quiet.

It comes in a gorgeous range of colours and also with a range of new stainless steel attachments including; redesigned Turbo Beaters that are heavy duty and dishwasher safe; a Pro Whisk that makes short work of whipping ingredients such as egg whites, cream and mousse; Dough Hooks that quickly and effortlessly knead yeast dough, and finally a Liquid Blending Rod to whiz up smoothies or shakes in seconds.

Valued at $199 and just in time for Mothers Day, I have ONE of these little treasures for a lucky reader to win in your choice of colour – Almond Cream, Onyx Black, Empire Red or Cranberry. Entry is simple – just tell me what your favourite, fast dish is which will be made even faster by using one of these little beauties. Use the Rafflecopter link below to enter and check out the simple options for extra entries.

Terms and Conditions

1.  This competition is open to Australian residents only and will be drawn on Monday 7 April, 2014.
2.   Log in to enter, using the entry form in the link below, and click on each task to view the instructions.
3.   The first two tasks are mandatory and must be completed to enter the competition.  Subsequent tasks are optional, but will gain you more entries, thus more opportunity to be a winner.
4.   Any entries which do not complete the mandatory tasks WILL NOT be included in the draw.
5.   I have ONE KitchenAid Artisan 9 Speed Hand Mixer to give away to 1 lucky reader.
6.   The winner will be drawn at random.
7.   The winner will be notified by email and their name will be posted here.  They must reply within 48 hours or the competition will be redrawn.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 The KitchenAid Hand Mixer prize is kindly supplied by KitchenAid Australia.

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  1. Nata

    Baklava with that tasty twist,
    Full of goodness, I cannot resist,
    Filled with flavour galore,
    My guests simply adore.

  2. Belinda

    I love to make pavlova but when I first tried, I used a hand whisk. BIG MISTAKE! A proper electric whisk makes the base so much better and a kitchen aid would work a charm on my Aussie masterpiece!

  3. Narelle Rock

    Chocolate self-saucing pudding that could be whipped up in a matter of minutes with this beauty, eaten even quicker as it will taste divine and warm my insides!

  4. jacqui bartlett

    I think i would try and whip up a sponge…. only ever made one once and it flopped…

  5. Natalie Stoute

    Coffee Cake. Old fashioned but a big favourite of mine. Mmm… 🙂

  6. Benjamin Travia

    Tuna Dip. My Mum’s specialty.

  7. Catrina Murray

    French toast on lazy Sundays – I’m super lazy and hate whisking eggs 😉

  8. Alex

    It would be meringue because at the moment that requires cracking out the whole stand mixer.

  9. Kate

    Pancake batter to make everyone happy on a Sunday morning including the cook !

  10. Alice

    My favourite dish, that would be made easier by KitchenAid Artisan Mixer is a self saucing butterscotch pudding. A childhood favourite!

  11. bron

    I would make a delicious olive bread and then use some of it to make a bruchetta . Having a cranberry kitchenaid would make it even more yummo!

  12. Marian@Apricot Tart

    With cooler weather approaching my favourite fast dish made better with a KitchenAid Artisan 9 Speed Hand Mixer would be Avgolemono Soup – Greece’s famous egg and lemon soup. The secret is in the whisking of those eggs and the stirring of them into the hot stock – handled admirably by this little machine methinks!

  13. Judy

    A throw-it-all-in-a-bowl Devil’s Food Cake.

  14. Anna Johnston

    Chocolate Lasagna… Yep, it’s a thing. Oreos, chocolate pudding mix, and cream cheese whipped into submission and layered to create possibly one of the best feeds known to mankind. Don’t know bout you, but I want this in my life and in my belly ASAP! Happy weekend to you. 🙂

  15. Karlene

    Corned meat fritters – a great use of left over meat. The batter can be mixing while I chop.

  16. Vickie

    I would definitely mix up a yummy cheesecake.

  17. Merrian

    I’d probably whip up some hazelnut meringues with some free-range egg whites topped with lashings of fresh Fleurieu cream and berries.

  18. Grace

    Cupcakes for every day of the week. All the cupcakes would be made with the KitchenAid Artisan Hand Mixer.

  19. Karen

    Raspberry, coconut and sour cream muffins – a family favourite!

  20. Jill

    W H I P P E D C R E A M!!!!!! (^^^)

  21. Maureen | Orgasmic Chef

    What a nifty giveaway. I love Kitchenaid products.

    I would make a quicker chocolate fondant for dessert.

  22. Elizabeth

    A beautiful pavlova! My little mixer struggles to do the job…

  23. Hotly Spiced

    What a great giveaway; this is a gadget I would love to have in my kitchen – in the red colour. One of my favourite dishes to make is individual pavlovas with lime curd and pomegranate seeds – and you certainly don’t want to be whisking the egg whites and sugar by hand! xx

  24. Jasmine


  25. Barbara

    Cream to go with my cupcakes

  26. Julia Mason

    My Thai Pumpkin Soup is so delish it always needs a second and third scoop! Yum!

  27. Anne

    I’d use it to whip up eggs (6-8), cream and milk for my super fast, super rich, super yum vegetable frittata, which I make with any leftover vegs (especially pumpkin) and tons of grated cheese on top.

  28. Sophie

    My cappuccino pavlova would be much quicker with a KitchenAid hand mixer! Especially the whipped cream to go on top.

  29. jody buhagiar

    Butterfly cakes made in a flash
    for visitors who like to dash!
    whipped cream and dainty cakes,
    This kitchen aid will help quickly make!

  30. sam santillo

    pancakes!! Sunday mornings its the kids favourite. Kitchen Aid will make it super quick , then we are off to the park.

  31. Sophie

    A KitchenAid hand mixer, I can see it sitting proudly in the small appliances cupboard – coming out to whip up some cream to go with desert!

  32. Amy Allan

    A Kitchenaid hand mixer would make pavlova making so much easier! Christmas dessert would be sorted in no time

  33. Andrea Butler

    Our favourite dish often in the middle of the week is pasta carbonara, so the kitchenaid will certainly help me with my home made pasta dough, and then I can pass it over to my husband to make the carbonara sauce!! Perfect division of labour along with a nice glass of wine!!!

  34. Fiona @TIFFIN bite sized food adventures

    Well you had me last week at 3 of my favourite words – cheese, batter, bread…

    For me, it would laso likely be a batter. I’ve made Nigella’s posh version of Toad in the Hole quite a few times and a smooth, airy batter is best so I’m sure this would do the trick.

  35. Chloe Barber

    Buttermilk scones with a light and fluffy whipped cream, oh I “knead” this !

  36. Fiona

    Potatoes and herb hash browns with steak and hollandaise sauce!

  37. jill

    I would make my family’s favorite chocolate zucchini cake

  38. Kylie B

    Lemon sour cream cake.
    Ohhhhh so yummy for afternoon tea or dessert.

  39. Jen

    Hands down it would have to be mayonnaise. Start to finish, under a minute.

  40. Karen L

    Nachos with fresh guacamole! 🙂

  41. Kara

    Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner Omelettes are a staple. Packed with nutrition and absolutely delicious. I can never get enough ‘fluff’ in mine though so this would be a real treat.

  42. Gail

    Chocolate roulade as there are several elements which all require separate beating or whipping. This woule be very handy.

  43. Cherry76


  44. Kelly

    Making express batches of whipped cream. Life needs more whipped cream and less hand whisking!

  45. Jess J

    Chocolate cake! But I cant stand mixing the batter by hand.

  46. Corinne

    One bowl chocolate cake – much quicker and more even batter mixing when the chocolate craving hits. Plus, the icing will be made in half the time too ’cause all I’ll need to do is swap out the beaters and grab a fresh bowl!

  47. Nicole W

    ~ Coconut Pineapple Custard Cake ~……. it’s an Easter tradition in our home an it is delicious!

  48. HelenD

    Nuffin’ could make my banana muffins faster than a KitchenAid.

  49. Chris Arthur

    First thing I would make would be a chocolate lava cake 🙂

  50. Jo

    With that wonderful dough hook attachment I would have to make my own pizza dough.

  51. DIANA O

    Tuna & Parsley pasta, a creamy sauce made up cold then stirred through hot pasta.

  52. Di

    Chocolate mousse. As delicious and easy as it is, it’s a real pain in the arse whisking it by hand.

  53. Alice Mitchell

    my sticky date pudding would come up a treat with the kitchenaid hand mixer

  54. Annelee

    Meringue Nests are always a delight and they would be made quicker and easier with a KitchenAid Mixer.

  55. Karina L

    Macarons! I won’t have to stand there manually hand mixing the batter!

  56. Lisa

    A batch of Lamingtons, fast and perfect with KitchenAid Artisan

  57. Kasey Evans

    Pavlova with cream & fresh fruit!!!! I love the hot new colours, really need one as mine doesn’t work very well.

  58. Gayle Richardson

    Anything that encourages my daughter to eat vegetables! We can put them in and chop them and see them disappear! Wish me luck on that one!

  59. Melanie Moran

    Lemon berry cheesecake – Getting that cream cheese to be as smooth as a baby’s bottom needs a some serious speed…..from a KitchenAid hand mixer

  60. Jennifer B.

    Lump-free white sauce for my Cauliflower Gratin!

  61. Christine

    Pumpkin soup in autumn is always a scrumptious treat, delightful to make with a KitchenAid mixer!

  62. Joanne

    Italian meringue for sure!!

  63. Alison May

    My “3-egg-pancakes”, a fast dessert when all I have is flour, milk and 3 eggs, would be even faster with with a Kitchenaid Hand-mixer!

  64. Jody Taylor

    Would love to use for scrambled eggs I have heard kitchen aid products seem to give eggs more air and make hem lighter

  65. Helen

    I’d use that dough hook to make my little Brioche buns. Fresh from the oven for Sunday brunch would be pretty impressive!

  66. Emily Miller

    Chocolate mousse! My go to dessert for when I don’t have a lot of time to prepare something. It would be even quicker with one of these!

  67. sapna

    Batter for savoury semolina cupcakes will be ready in no time at all in it…

  68. Val C,

    An Easter ‘Simnel Cake’ which would done in a flash with the Kitchenaid Hand-Mixer!

  69. Mick G

    Ham and spring onion omelettes and with the Kitchenaid Hand-mixer not only would they be on the go heaps faster but lighter and fluffier too

  70. Han E

    We, my daughter and I, love baking. Her favorite is cupcake and mine … meringues!

  71. Lee Marsden

    There is something quite special about saying you have a kitchen aid ‘anything’!

  72. Lee Marsden

    I’ll be using up my brown bananas in no time, wiping up my banana bread…yumm

  73. Janine Marie Gardiner

    Our favourite Easter dessert is Zabaglione, so that will be the first delicious dessert but not the last that I will be making if I win.



  75. Jacinta Hamill

    Cupcakes the kid’s all time favourite, maybe some special one for Easter!

  76. Ross S

    I’d use the dough hook to make pizza bianchi.

  77. andreea nicolescu

    French onion dip, with spinach

  78. Irena


  79. Charlotte

    Banana and honey muffins are the perfect quick fix for Sunday mornings when we need to get rid of overripe bananas and are craving something to go with coffee! Would love this gorgeous mixer to make mashing the bananas so much easier! Thanks for the chance.

  80. jane gardam

    Can’t wait to whip up a beautiful Pavlova, mine and my families favourite.

  81. Ashleigh James

    My favorite fast dish is chocolate mousse. Surprisingly easy to make (though even easier with a KitchenAid I’m sure!) and is sure to impress.

  82. mellie jane

    Pavlova so naughty on the bottom and so full of fruity goodness on top the best of both worlds.

  83. Clinton

    Chocolate mousse, an easy and beautiful dessert made all that much easier!

  84. Nichola Archer

    No need to crush biscuits with the rolling pin anymore for my yummy rum balls, Aleluia! The preparation time would reduce significantly making it a 30 minute dish instead of a 2 hour dish.

  85. Helena Leung

    A passionfruit pavlova log presents well and tastes sweet and fruity! Great to impress those foodie dinner guests…or the occasional in-law!

  86. Liz

    Whipping the egg whites for lemon meringue pie–my husband’s favourite food.

  87. Emily Mclaughlan

    I love making chocolate mousse its quick and delicious would be ten times easier with a KitchenAid Hand Mixer to do all the whisking

  88. Amanda McInerney

    Congratulations BARBARA NELSON – check your inbox for my email!