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Surfeited with honey – Honey Orange Chicken with Ras el Hanout

23/09/2011 | By

Blossom by blossom the spring begins”  Swinburne

For quite a lot of Australians the transition between seasons can slip past without a great deal of notice as the climate in large parts of the country is very mild for most of the year.  Here in the Adelaide Hills this is not the case, though.  Summer is still hot here, but the nights are much cooler than down on the plain, and we slide into autumn with a riot of reds, burgundies and browns as the introduced trees which grow so well up here prepare for the coming chills.   Winter is generally cold, wet and foggy, but worth it for the glories of spring.  The blossom trees are breathtaking in their beauty and the dormant gardens start to kick into a life that is teeming with activity.  The slightly warmer weather rouses all sorts of living things, not all of them welcome – brown snakes come to mind, from their repose and the atmosphere comes alive with birdsong and the satisfied buzz of what I like to think of as my own, personal bees as they go about the business of pollination and honey making.


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