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You CAN Make a Difference – Break up With the Bag on World Environment Day

05/06/2018 | By

‘Break Up With The Bag’ – a community project to reduce plastic bag use in the Adelaide Central Markets by using plastic free alternatives like BioBags.

Break up With the Bag, beach litter

Image from Wikimedia

By now we all know just how damaging to our environment plastic bags are – we’ve seen the plastic island floating in the pacific, we’ve seen the plastic litter lining our beaches and the images of birds stuck in plastic bags, turtles wrapped in them and whales dying from ingesting them are burned on our eyes. 


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The Historic Ortigia Market – Food Central in Syracuse

08/05/2017 | By

Just has it has been for millennia, the historic Ortigia market is still the daily shopping centre for the residents of this ancient town.

ortigia market - zucchini flowers

The local fresh food market is a must-see for me whenever we travel and the markets in in Sicily, with it’s rich and colourful food history, were one of the main reasons I wanted to visit the island. 


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Psar Leu Market, Siem Reap

11/07/2016 | By

Lose a morning at the sprawling Psar Leu market in Siem Reap – an exciting spot for a truly authentic look at local daily life.

psar leu market flower seller

These blue flowers are used in cooking and tea.

A visit to local markets when travelling is one of the best ways to gain insight to everyday life, and nothing is more lively and vibrant than Asian markets. While in Siem Reap I spent a morning at Psar Leu market, the city’s largest.


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The Porta Palazzo Market, Turin

18/01/2016 | By

A wander around Turin’s Porta Palazzo Market, the largest open-air market in Europe.

markets, Porta Palazzo

One thing that really stands out about the food culture of Italy is the abundance of fresh food markets in each city. The locals tend to shop for fresh produce daily, rather than doing the weekly (soul-destroying, IMHO) shop which is more the norm here in Australia. This means that, for the most part, people are eating fresh, local, seasonal produce  – a much better way to stay connected to the food system.

porta palazzo markets, Turin

Porta Palazzo markets, quail eggs

When visiting Torino (Turin) last year at least one market visit was high on my list of priorities. The city has 42 open-air markets and six covered markets dotted around the neighbourhoods and on our second day in the city we visited the most significant, the Porta Palazzo Market.

Porta Palazzo Market, eggplant

The Porta Palazzo Market takes it’s name from the ancient gate which marked the entry to the Roman town of Augusta Taurinorum and is the largest open-air market in Europe. It is open six days a week and boasts 800 stalls spread over a 50,000 square metre space, surrounded by four  covered markets – a clothing market, a fish market and two other food markets, plus various stores, cafes and restaurants.

Porta Palazzo market artisan cheese

Gorgeous , little handmade cheeses direct from the producer at Porta Palazzo Market, Torino

Unusually, part of this space is also shared by up to 100 farmers market stands, with the farmers travelling in to sell their produce direct to the public – making it one of the few places where city folk can come into daily contact with the people who grow their food.

Porta Palazzo market, fragrant herbs

porta palazza market tomatoes

Honestly, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to be bothered with a sterile shopping centre when there is so much more pleasure to be had buzzing around these intriguing stalls which sell just about anything one could need. From vegetables, oils, cold cuts, cheese, breads, local delicacies and flowers to clothing, shoes, household goods, second-hand goods, jewellery – you name it, someone there will be selling it, guaranteed.

offal meat, Porta Palazzo market

Offal – all the spare bits ready to cook at the Porta Palazzo Market

Porta Palazzo market seafood

Fabulous, fresh seafood at Porta Palazzo Market

Porta Palazzo Market, pesce sciabola

Pesce Sciabola – also called Silver SCabbard Fish – a local deep-water favourite.

Porta Palazzo Market, sometimes known as ‘Torino’s kitchen’, is much more than just a food source for the city of Torino, though, and is recognised as a local cultural and social hub, for both Italians and migrants to the city. The importance of the market is such that an anthropological study, “Porta Palazzo: The Anthropology of an Italian Market”, has been published using this market as an example to show how important such centres are for the culinary culture and social life of cities.

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La Cigale French Markets in the Heart of Auckland

21/09/2015 | By

La Cigale French markets – a gorgeously Gallic gourmet treat in the heart of Auckland.

La Cigale Markets

I recently found myself in Auckland for a few days. This was only my second visit to New Zealand, although I don’t know why I can’t seem to get there a little more often – it is a breathtakingly lovely country. 


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Market Brew – A Brewery at Adelaide Central Market?

06/07/2015 | By

Great food & good drink go hand in hand. Liberty Distillery works on Vancouver’s Granville Island. Market Brew – boutique beer at Adelaide Central Market?

Market Brew concept

Adelaide Central Market tower competition winner, Market Brew.


Last week Adelaide’s iconic Adelaide Central Market announced the winner of their concept design competition for the best idea to make use of the historic tower on the Grote St side of the Market.


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