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Sausage making 101

13/06/2011 | By


Tonight for dinner, we’ll be having sausages and mash.  Not just any sausages, mind you, but beautifully tasty sausages made with nothing but fresh, free-range Berkshire pork and seasonings – no fillers, cereals or preservatives.  And do you know how I can be so very sure of this?  Because I made them myself!  Much to my excitement,  Richard Gunner, of Feast Fine Foods, was kind enough to invite me to one of his first sausage making classes recently, which he is holding in the Central Market Kitchen, in Adelaide.   As a result of requests from many of his customers, Richard has introduced a range of classes for the avid home butcher.  The classes  include both pork and lamb butchery classes, which are both proving very popular, but it was the sausage making class that caught my eye.   The classes are held in small groups and there is no room for slackers – this is a total hand-on experience, with loads of scope for plenty of personal creative expression.


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