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Urban Beekeeping – Lambs’ Ears Gets Her Own Honey!

16/11/2018 | By

No false advertising here – Lambs’ Ears makes it real, taking up urban beekeeping! Sweet by name and now by nature, too, and with minimal pain – so far.

Bees in the echium - urban beekeeping

It’s been an exciting time here, as I finally realise a dream and join the league of those involved in urban beekeeping with my own beehive. Only those who have been living under a rock could fail to know that bees play a crucial role in our food production, and that their future is under threat – particularly in the northern hemisphere. However, here in Australia we can’t relax and need to be constantly monitoring and supervising the health of our own bee colonies.

Urban beekeeping has an important role to play in this. It boosts and maintains general awareness of these vital creatures and the work they do, it supports garden and community pollination and provides the keepers with a source of a remarkable and nutritious food.

The name of this blog – Lambs’ Ears and Honey – was actually inspired by the masses of bees that gather around the Lambs Ears plants in my garden, and I’ve always wanted to get to know them more intimately.

Temporary hive, urban beekeeping

Urban Beekeeping - the girls set free

The ladies make their first foray into my garden.

Thanks to the delightful Vanessa of Mademoiselle Bee, our extensive garden – full of a diverse range of flowers and flowering trees and already the home of thousands of bees – now has even more happy buzzing with the introduction of a hive. Beekeeping is something that I’ve wanted to try for some years and finally having my own hive brings me enormous joy.

One sunny, early spring morning Vanessa arrived with a small, white, buzzing box which we nestled into a sheltered spot adjacent to the orchard and amidst my enormous, blue-flowering echiums. Providing me with the protection of a suit and veil, she instructed me to open the hatch, warning that the inhabitants may be a little cranky after a drive in the car.

Warily, I lifted the hive entrance and out they came, ever alert and straight into action, but without a cross word from them. 

Bees and comb, Urban Beekeeping

New Hive for my bees, Urban Beekeeping

The girls have been busy and will welcome the extra space in the new hive.

Vanessa came back a couple of weeks later and we both suited up while she moved the frames from the small, temporary hive to a larger one – but my role in this was simply that of an observer. Vanessa informs me that I’ll be a little more hands-on for her next visit.

I check the bees regularly and enjoy just sitting near them, listening to them work and fortunately they seem okay with that. I was stung once when one poor girl got tangled up in my hair and we both panicked a little. That mistake ended badly for both of us but, aside from that, we are all getting along well.

If this is something that interests you, I’d urge you to check out Vanessa’s website. She’s passionate about sharing her knowledge and her very obvious love for these essential little labourers. She has affordable options that make it easy for anyone who is interested in supporting food security to have a hive in their own backyard.

It’s enormously satisfying to wander about the garden hearing my busy mates work. AndI have no doubt it will be even more satisfying to enjoy the fruits of their labours very soon.

One of my contented bees - Urban Beekeeping

This is NOT a sponsored post – I’m simply a very happy  customer of Mademoiselle Bee.


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  1. Liz Posmyk

    How absolutely wonderful! I have a beekeeper friend (back in Canberra) and we were hoping I could keep some bees as well. Sadly, the only spot suitable was right over my vegie patch. Can’t wait to hear more about your beeeeeautiful project, Amanda!

  2. Amanda

    Thanks Liz, I love being on the learning curve!

  3. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    How exciting! That is wonderful news Amanda! Also so much better for you to be eating local (and in your case VERY local) honey.

  4. Amanda

    Yes Lorraine – it’s very exciting.

  5. Krista Bjorn

    How wonderful!! We loved having our bees. 🙂 Although they’ve gone to a new home now, we’re looking forward to a new hive in the near future. Wishing you much happiness with your bees. 🙂

  6. Amanda

    My poor girls have had a very tough week – winter came back to have another bite at us. I worried that I’d lost them, but I think they’ve made it!