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What’s in the box 6/7 October

07/10/2010 | By

Yippee!!  Spring is finally starting to show itself in our Food Connect boxes – have a look here.

We will all be turning out brilliant salads this week full of fresh, organic nutrients!

We have asparagus this week and ours was the first thing to vanish from the box.  I just lightly steamed it and served it drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice to let the fresh flavour shine through.  It is also simply heavenly dipped into melted butter or, if you can be bothered, drizzled with a rich, buttery hollandaise sauce.

Broad beans are at their very best at this time of the year – very young and tender and therefore requiring much less work.  These are very popular in Middle Eastern food, where they are known as Fava Beans and generally used in their dried state when out of season.  A fresh Fava bean dip is simplicity itself to make, tastes wonderful and is ridiculously healthy.  Just lightly steam the beans then, unless the beans are very young, slip the skins off.  Toss quickly in a pan with some finely chopped garlic and however much chilli you dare.  Place the beans, chilli and garlic into a processor and, with the motor running, pour in a thin stream of extra virgin olive oil until you reach the desired consistency.  Season to taste.  You can play with this recipe to your heart’s content – adding fresh herbs (parsley or coriander), dried ground cumin and/or lemon juice.   Yottam Ottolenghi suggests serving it with hommous in his new book “Plenty”.  Knock yourself out!

Does anyone out there have any other great ideas for fresh broad beans – I’d  love you to share!

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  1. Anna Johnston

    I’m a bit light on various ways to enjoy fresh broad beans as I too just love them with good olive oil (or even butter drizzled) as you do with plenty of freshly cracked pepper – in fact I’ll be interested to hear other tempting suggestions for these little morsels too Amanda. I’m loving all the fresh asparagus too.

  2. Sarah @ For the Love of Food

    Not specifically a broad bean dish but I made a pasta primavera last night and baby broad beans (along with the asparagus) would go really well in that dish.

  3. Kathy I

    Bruschetta with Broad Beans, Ricotta & Pancetta.
    Shell 750g broad beans. Bring large saucepan of water to boil. Add broad beans and cook for 1 minute. Drain & refresh under cold running water. Remove pale green skins from the beans. Preheat oven to 180.C. Mix 250g fresh ricotta w 12 shredded mint leaves, grated zest one lemon, 1-2 tbspns EVOO, salt 7 freshly ground pepper. Place 12 slices of pancetta (or try Kanmantoo bacon) in oven for 6-7 mins or until crisp. Break into small pieces. Toast or chargrill 4 pieces sourdough bread & divide ricotta between them. Drizzle olive oil over broad beans, season & then spoon over ricotta. Sprinkle pancetta pieces on top. Serves 4. (from 2010 Foodies Diary)

  4. admin

    Anna – thanks for the tip about Celia’s post.
    Sarah – thanks, great idea!
    Kath – what a gorgeous recipe. Thanks so much for sharing it (and just in time to be in the comp, too!!).