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What’s in the box 9/10 February

10/02/2011 | By

Don’t the weeks roll around so very quickly – or is that just me?  This week’s link is here.

The weekend is predicted to be nice and mild, but it is hot today, so I am enjoying my beautiful, fat red grapes frozen.  Just rinse them and pop them in  the freezer until frozen through.  They are fantastic just as they are as a refresher on a hot day, popped into fruit drinks or to add an extra flavoursome chill to a fruit salad.  It had never occurred to me to freeze grapes until I had them at a friend’s house and I am now hooked.

I am thrilled to see some lovely organic spuds reappearing in the boxes and mine will be lavished with love, duck fat, chopped rosemary and a sprinkle of Murray River Salt before being popped into a hot oven and baked until they are crisp and deelish.  If you haven’t cooked potatoes in duck fat, it’s high time you did – it is one of those things that just lifts the spuds to the next level.

I think we all got beetroot in our boxes this week, so the first thing you should do with them is to wash them, wrap them in foil  and bake them.  Then try them either sliced up and dressed with plain yoghurt mixed with a little garlic and sprinkled with fresh mint or chopped up and tossed with some of the lovely organic tomatoes and chopped coriander and dressed with a simple lemon juice and olive oil dressing.  Don’t forget a sprinkling of Murray River Salt on them, either.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Bernadette Nagy

    try goose fat!!!

  2. Kate

    I love that baked beetroot but I mix horseradish with my yoghurt for a bit of zip !

  3. Anna Johnston

    Don’t think I’ve ever had frozen grapes, but I’m going to try it out, sounds really good. Nice beetroot tip too. Thanks Amanda 🙂