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Dulce de Leche Ice Cream with Salted Maple Pecans

12/11/2012 | By

Dulce de Leche Ice Cream

Dulce de Leche Ice Cream

I’m very fortunate to live in a glorious part of the world.  South Australia is an arid, dry state for the most part, but here in the Adelaide Hills (or more specifically, the Onkaparinga Valley – a distinction The Husband always insists on) we enjoy a decent annual rainfall, four seasons in each year instead of just two, lush rolling hills and fertile soils.  There is rich farmland up here and from my property I can see orchards, vineyards, olive groves, herds of cattle and paddocks full of pasture gently undulating in the breeze.  (Actually, from the front doorstep on Saturday I could see a big, brown snake, too!)

Spring time is magnificent here as the days begin to warm up and lengthen, gardens burst into life and the local farmers get on their tractors and begin to cut the hay.  And there’s the sting – that bloody hay.  This last weekend the weather was stunning; perfect for pottering around in the garden and dusting the redback spiders off the outdoor setting ready for alfresco dining.  At least that’s what I would have been doing if I hadn’t had to shut myself in the house and practically hermetically seal all the doors and windows against the ubiquitious hay fever allergens.  Red-nosed, streamy-eyed and clutching a big box of tissues, I wandered from room to room gazing out of the windows at natures bounty unfolding in my front yard, making very brief forays out to hang a load of washing in the back in between bouts of sneezing.

Resigned to my fate, I decided to put my time to some use in the kitchen and dragged out my ice cream machine.  I’d laid my hands on some beautiful, locally made La Gringa Dulce de Leche and was pretty keen to find some more ways to incorporate it into my diet.  This resultant ice cream is a very happy way to do so, but the addition of the Salted Maple Pecans was truly a rare (for me, at any rate) moment of inspiration.  They are deliciously simple, but give the plain ice cream the lift it needs and are utterly addictive.

Dulce de Leche Ice Cream with Salted Maple Pecans

Another easy dessert from the queen of Lazy! The nuts make this dish very special, though. Don't miss them out.
Course: Dessert
Author: Amanda McInerney - Lambs Ears and Honey


  • 1 cup pecans roughly chopped
  • 2 Tbsp pure maple syrup
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • 600 mls pouring cream
  • 300 mls milk
  • 275 gms dulce de leche
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla paste
  • 1 good pinch of salt


  • Preheat oven to 170C.
  • Combine the pecans, maple syrup and salt in a bowl, stir to coat thoroughly.
  • Scatter on a lined baking tray and put in oven.
  • Stir around to ensure even browning after 10 minutes, cook for 10 minutes more or until golden. Cool on a rack.
  • Combine cream and milk in saucepan over moderate heat, bring just to the boil, then remove from heat.
  • Whisk in dulce de leche, vanilla paste & salt. Pour into bowl and refrigerate until cool.
  • Churn in Ice cream machine until frozen.
  • Sprinkle with the pecans before serving.


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  1. Maureen | Orgasmic Chef

    I suffer from the dreaded hay fever too. This year I got the rather expensive but totally worth it spray from the doctor called Avamys. One squirt in the morning along with the normal hay fever horse pills and I’m absolutely normal. It’s much worse up here than it was in Victoria but I’m not sure why.

    I know I’d feel better with a bowl of your ice cream. Share?

  2. Martine @ Chompchomp

    I got referred to an immunologist for desensitisation injections. Worked a treat for my hay fever but unfortunately paradoxically made my skin allergies worse. Apparently this can happen. I started becoming allergic to my own sweat and would break out in hives! If you dont suffer from eczema though its worth a try

  3. Amanda

    My hay fever is usually containable with ordinary medication – it’s just the hay cutting season that really kills me. Such a shame, ‘cos it’s the loveliest time of the year to be outside.

  4. Erin @ she cooks, she gardens

    I suffer from hay fever something shocking as well, we have a large native frangipani in the backyard and every year for a week while it flowers I am in hell. There is no getting around it and it is such a lovely tree I wouldn’t dare get rid of it.

    Ice cream sounds like a good way to indulge though, yum! I have been hoarding a recipe for homemade dulce de leche, apparently it is easy enough to make in the slow cooker. I’m sure it is nowhere near as good as the stuff you’re talking about though!

  5. kathryn elliott

    Well the ice cream does look wonderful, not as good as being able to roam around in the glorious weather, but not a bad consolation. Love the sounds of salted maple pecans.

  6. hotlyspiced

    Your property is so beautiful, Amanda. The views are just gorgeous. I love all your blooming flowers. And what a lovely ice cream. I love dulce de leche! Love it by the spoonful! xx

  7. InTolerant Chef

    Oh you poor old thing! We’ve been hit harder this year too, I don’t know why it’s worse- maybe because Spring was so late here?
    I would happily stay indoors if I could curl up with a big bowl of your icecream though, and the nuts were certainly inspired indeed! 🙂

  8. Kate

    Oh – that is to die for ice cream – anything Dulce de Leche is my idea of heaven ! Re the hay fever – it is rife in Melbourne and there is no hay in sight. I religiously take a hay fever tablet and a daily dose of nose spray to avoid the constant sniffling and sneezing and puffy itchy eyes that otherwise take over my life.

  9. Judy

    Thanks for sharing the lovely views and beautiful rose garden with us Amanda. At least, whilst you are housebound with the dreaded hayfever, you can still see that glorious sight from within the house.
    I am collecting ice-cream recipes for my new ice-cream maker and this one is a must do but first I must make a batch of Dulce de Leche.

  10. Lizzy (Good Things)

    Oh my, those flowers and that stunning view! Darn it, I wish I had seen the La Gringa Dulce de Leche when I was in Adelaide. Lovely post.