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What’s in the Box August 25/26

26/08/2010 | By

Here is the list for the boxes this week.

After the weather that we have had here in Adelaide, I’m surprised that anyone had anything at all left of their crops!  I’m just amazed that it isn’t all under water or blown away – I know most of our yard is, so I’m pleased to get anything in the boxes!!

The winter fruit is still with us and still great so enjoy it all while you can.  If you think that you just can’t face another mandarin, I found this recipe for a whole mandarin and pistachio cake online and it does look very good – if anyone gives it a try perhaps they might report back on it!  Mandarin pulp would work very well in a basic muffin mix or you could give the kids a treat by mixing it  with some jelly mix and serving the set jelly with ice cream!

I intend making a smooth and creamy soup with our cauliflower and broccoli – that should disguise the cauli enough for the recalcitrant son.  Just cook off some chopped onion in some butter or olive oil until soft, add chopped florets of either or both and stir for a minute or two.  Add some stock and a little white wine or very dry sherry if you feel like it and add whatever spices take your fancy (I like to use some cumin – although I bought some smoked salt this morning and am keen to try it out), cook until the veggies are soft, then whizz it to a state of smooth creaminess with a stick blender or processor.  You can add some cream or milk if you like it a little richer.  Some crusty bread or toasted sandwiches – a perfect wintry dinner!

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  1. Kate

    Wettest winter her in Melb for 11 year !!! A great winter for soup !

  2. admin

    I made this last night and loved it. Teenage reviews were mixed….

  3. Anna Johnston

    Agree about the last of winter drawing out and all this rain has meant local fruits & vegs have had a hammering. We had a cauliflower soup the other evening and it went over surprisingly well.

  4. nesta

    ah ha! that’s a version of an old Jewish recipe for orange and almond cake. Claudia Roden documents it in her book A Book of Middle Eastern Food (published by Penguin in the 1960s). This is an absolute standard in our house – gluten and dairy free.

    It’s a great cake for desserts too, when you want something citrussy. If the idea/cost of all those pistachios is daunting, you can substitute almond meal. Or hazelnut meal. Or use tangerines or tangelos or limes. Lemons don’t do so good.