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Tasting Australia’s Words To Go – A Culinary Travel Bloggers Forum

14/02/2014 | By

I’m sure plenty of my readers are familiar with the Adelaide foodie sensation that is Tasting Australia. This event has been around since 1997, has become one of Australia’s most influential and most popular culinary events and this year has now added Tasting Australia’s Words To Go, a new event just for food and travel bloggers!

Tasting Australia’s Words To Go is a culinary travel bloggers forum and will offer a strictly limited number of participants the opportunity to hone their blogging, photography and social media skills with a truly remarkable and, in some cases, internationally noted line-up of presenters. Not only that, but all of the delegates will be a part of one of Australia’s most significant culinary festivals. They will enjoy a welcoming reception as part of the opening of Tasting Australia, the day long forum and a full day of foodie discovery as they explore some of the finest food experiences South Australia has to offer. All of this will be totally FREE to the chosen delegates – all they will need to do is to get to Adelaide and find somewhere to sleep.

Tasting Australia’s Words To Go has put together a wonderful group of presenters, all of whom will be well known to bloggers both here in Adelaide and around the country. Delegates will have the chance to learn photography and Instagram strategy skills from the extraordinarily talented Lauren Bath, who holds the largest Instagram account in Australia with 331,00 followers. They will pick up food styling tips from James Beard Award-winning cookbook author and food photographer Katie Quinn Davies of What Katie Ate and learn about culture and culinary traditions from Robyn Eckhardt and David Hagerman who are jointly responsible for the international culinary travel blog Eating Asia and whose work features in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Saveur Magazine.

Adding to this incredible group of talent is Caz Makepeace, co-author of y Travel Blog, one of the worlds largest travel blogs and Helen Yee of the internationally recognised and much-loved Sydney-based food blog Grab Your Fork.  Factor in the talents of Greg Snell, the 27 year-old Canadian adventurer who recently won Tourism Australia’s Best Jobs in the World Campaign for position of Wildlife Caretaker in South Australia and Chloe ReschkeMaguire of Yelp Adelaide and it’s plain to see that these are Australian and world leaders in blogging, photography and social media.

The lucky delegates will also be a part of the fabulous Tasting Australia celebrations which this year feature some truly remarkable and genuine food heroes. Special guests to this years event include  Australia’s own part-man part-bush Costa Georgiadis and the inspirational international food hero Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm.  The program is rich with personalities and events such as UK chef Fegus Henderson of St. John in London, Skye Gyngell, as well as dinners, wine tastings, food trails, farm visits, picnics, shared tables and much more.

Tasting Australia is an exciting and exceptional food event here in Adelaide and being a part of Tasting Australia’s Words To Go will be even more exciting. Registrations for Expressions of Interest are open from now until Friday February 21 – I’d suggest you get over there and fill in your form right now!

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  1. Maureen | Orgasmic Chef

    LOL part-man, part-bush. I love that. This sounds like a wonderful opportunity to pick up tips and tricks to improve blog writing and photography.

  2. Hotly Spiced

    That’s a wonderful round up of presenters. I would love to be there. I’m sure everyone who does attend will benefit tremendously xx

  3. Shirley from Rhubarb Whine

    I’d love to do this, it looks and sounds amazing. I wonder if I could pull off two trips down there in just a year? 🙂 (PS _ so wonderful to see you, and I really hope we get a chance to do so on a less formal basis once again in the future! x)

  4. Amanda McInerney

    Maybe we could catch up for a drink when you come down for Words To Go? 😉

  5. Lizzy (Good Things)

    Oh Amanda, I had the BEST time at Tasting Australia for three or four of their early events! So looking forward to this… do hope I get the chance to visit!

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